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Billionaire Buys Massive Stake in Facebook

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I did not buy Facebook when Vieira announced in real-time that he was closing his short position near $150 which ended up to be Facebook bottom. I am not an investor looking for entering an investment at a bottom. I prefer the "no risk" concept which implies that an investor often buys shares at a higher price.

Make Your First One Million Dollars on Live Technical Analysis

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Join the world's best traders course on live technical analysis including real-time AI BOT and much more!  The crowd is buying shares ahead of the stock market collapse! The world's best investors are dumping financial assets at new all-time highs.

Middle East Richest Investor 1,180% Investing in GrubHub Against Wall Street

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I love when they all turn bearish at the very bottom downgrading to sell, strong sell and junk. It's the ultimate bottom, Americans are selling their position in the best companies to invest in the tech sector. I am referring to GrubHub. I've been very bullish GrubHub.

Snapchat Lost $3 Billion Market Cap on My Public Video Revelation

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I am a true believer in God and artificial intelligence. One video is better than one thousand words and far superior to the entire Wall Street sales machine trying to predict stock prices. 

Visionary Who Announced Crypto Markets Crash Makes Uncanny Forecast Bitcoin Soars 86%

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The price of Bitcoin soared to $11,200 today after the crypto legendary investor Alex Vieira urged investors to buy back the cryptocurrency at $6000 using the famous AI algorithm, EVIDENT, which predicted a crash in the crypto markets. 

AI Algorithm Calls Stock Markets Best Week in 6 years Billion Dollar Profit

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World shares were set for their best week of gains in six years on Friday after two consecutive weeks in the red, shrugging off a rise in global borrowing costs while the dollar hit its lowest since 2014. The tech sector in the United States soared to $166 on Friday confirming the AI algorithm profitability projection - AI Algorithm Billion Dollar Profit ETF PowerShares QQQ  

$3 Billion AI Crypto Fund Triggers Great Cryptocurrencies Crash Down to BitCoin Price Target

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$3 Billion AI Crypto Fund Triggers Great Cryptocurrencies Crash Down to BitCoin Price Target. When in December 2017, I announced that cryptocurrencies were going to crash within less than three months, I knew that more than $3 billion dollars were going to leave the crypto markets.

AI Algorithm that Predicted $4 Trillion Loss in the Markets Turns Bullish

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Invest in the capital markets using artificial intelligence (AI) at Intuitive Code AI with a market legend. You can use AI to accurately predict the most profitable moves in any financial instrument from stocks to cryptocurrencies.  The AI algorithm informs investors in real-time when to buy, sell, go short or cover their short positions. Nothing else is required! It is called Autonomous Trading.

The AI Tweet that Crashed Cryptocurrency Ripple in 1 Minute

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We do have the best live twitter feed in the history of the markets. Stocks. ETF's. Oil. Gold. Forex. Cryptocurrencies. Our public track record on Twitter is the proof of it since the company went public.

Why Ambarella Investors Bailed Out After Learning About A Terrible Fact

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Learn why Ambarella share price has suddenly reversed course at a price of $66 plunging to $47 in 2018 by subscribing to the most popular service at Intuitive Code AI - Artificial Intelligence for Professionals. Therein, you get the world's best financial advice for investors in the capital markets.  Therein, you make $1 million dollars profit average daily. However, you can also achieve these stellar results if you accepted my invitation to join AI 101 Black's Friday 2017 deal.