Unbelievable! Wall Street Best Advisor Forecast GoDaddy Better than Investing in SnapChat is Here!

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We know! No one believed that GoDaddy (GDDY) could outperform Snapchat when analysts initiated GoDaddy coverage as Market Perform versus Snapchat Strong Buy on IPO.  But, also no one believed that Best Buy (BBY) could outperform Apple and AI has proven them to be all wrong about the markets.

Goldman Sachs Downgrade Avis to Sell is a Strong Buy!

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Goldman Sachs downgraded Avis to Sell ahead of earnings report to $33. Investors relying on artificial intelligence saw this downgrade as an opportunity to cover short positions buying shares. 

Visionary Who Announced Crypto Markets Crash Makes Uncanny Forecast Bitcoin Soars 86%

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The price of Bitcoin soared to $11,200 today after the crypto legendary investor Alex Vieira urged investors to buy back the cryptocurrency at $6000 using the famous AI algorithm, EVIDENT, which predicted a crash in the crypto markets. 

AI Algorithm Calls Stock Markets Best Week in 6 years Billion Dollar Profit

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World shares were set for their best week of gains in six years on Friday after two consecutive weeks in the red, shrugging off a rise in global borrowing costs while the dollar hit its lowest since 2014. The tech sector in the United States soared to $166 on Friday confirming the AI algorithm profitability projection - AI Algorithm Billion Dollar Profit ETF PowerShares QQQ  

Artificial Intelligence Helps Market Legend Forecasting Steel Stocks New All-Time Highs

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I had the pleasure of announcing the ultimate bottom in steel stocks naming U.S Steel (X) the best stock to invest in going into 2018. The investment process in commodities was accomplished by predicting a crash that no one else in the industry was capable of forecasting.

Intuitive Code AI Upgrades Apple to Strong Buy Raises Netflix Target

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Intuitive Code AI Fund acquired an investment position in Apple using the recent market crash. Apple is a profitable global leading company and one the best companies to invest in long-term. 

Market Legend Raises Nvidia Price Target for 2018

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Market Legend Raises Nvidia Price Target for 2018. We have been long-term investors in Nvidia (NVDA) since $12.65. Intuitive Code AI raised Nvidia target price in late 2017 urging investors to buy more shares at $185 dumping cryptocurrencies at bubble prices.  

Investor Makes $60,000 Paying $600 for Intuitive Code AI

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Would you like to get $60,000 within ONE WEEK? Learn more about Intuitive Code AI new plans for investors. Crypto, Premium, and Tesla.  The current market volatility is the perfect environment for savvy investors and traders. Hire your personal account manager guiding you through your investment decisions.

$3 Billion AI Crypto Fund Triggers Great Cryptocurrencies Crash Down to BitCoin Price Target

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$3 Billion AI Crypto Fund Triggers Great Cryptocurrencies Crash Down to BitCoin Price Target. When in December 2017, I announced that cryptocurrencies were going to crash within less than three months, I knew that more than $3 billion dollars were going to leave the crypto markets.

AI Algorithm that Predicted $4 Trillion Loss in the Markets Turns Bullish

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Invest in the capital markets using artificial intelligence (AI) at Intuitive Code AI with a market legend. You can use AI to accurately predict the most profitable moves in any financial instrument from stocks to cryptocurrencies.  The AI algorithm informs investors in real-time when to buy, sell, go short or cover their short positions. Nothing else is required! It is called Autonomous Trading.