Best Stock to Buy in 2018. AI is Changing People Lives

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Looking for to make millions of dollars in the stock market relying on artificial intelligence? We guarantee there is NO RISK. It's 100% guaranteed. You may even call the SEC to get information about it!

Stay Away from Ark Invest Tesla Fraud Elon Musk Going to Jail Bankruptcy in the Horizon

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In a civilized country Elon Musk last stop is jail. Since America has one of the best systems in the world to vaporize fraudsters the probability for Tesla investors to lose everything is quite high. 

Amazon Share Price Surges Above $1900 on New AI Trading Bot plans

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The pilot project that started a few months ago with some subscribers is now available for purchase from the Autonomous Trading store. The former AI BOT 6 has been discontinued since subscribers upgraded. To know more about investors making $1 million dollars profit per trade on Alex's Vieira Earnings Call and others making 400% in four months without any experience in the stock market listen to the interviews. 

Billionaire Buys Massive Stake in Facebook

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I did not buy Facebook when Vieira announced in real-time that he was closing his short position near $150 which ended up to be Facebook bottom. I am not an investor looking for entering an investment at a bottom. I prefer the "no risk" concept which implies that an investor often buys shares at a higher price.

Make Your First One Million Dollars on Live Technical Analysis

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Join the world's best traders course on live technical analysis including real-time AI BOT and much more!  The crowd is buying shares ahead of the stock market collapse! The world's best investors are dumping financial assets at new all-time highs.

Alex Vieira Doubles Investment in Amazon Raising Price Target

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You should attend one of my conferences for investors in Dubai - it's a unique experience in your wallet. In March 2017, I had the pleasure of announcing that Amazon share price was about to skyrocket. Today, I remain an investor in Amazon and Twitter as well. In other words, we are more bullish than ever companies Warren Buffett has never touched.  

Alex Vieira Finds the Next Netflix to Invest in

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I am a long-term investor in Netflix. I started investing in Netflix at $5.85. It's the best company in the world to invest in. However, I am always looking for new opportunities in the markets - companies Wall Street does not understand. Do you know that once Netflix was named a dog by American stock gurus?  

Investor Makes $60,000 Paying $600 for Intuitive Code AI

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Would you like to get $60,000 within ONE WEEK? Learn more about Intuitive Code AI new plans for investors. Crypto, Premium, and Tesla.  The current market volatility is the perfect environment for savvy investors and traders. Hire your personal account manager guiding you through your investment decisions.

How Artificial Intelligence Used Warren Buffett to Profit from General Electric Collapse

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Last year in 2017, we announced General Electric (GE) collapse, dream investment for short sellers, naming General Electric the next Pandora Media (P) comparing it to a Corrosive Black Box. Of course, in the end, everyone has been informed about it ahead of the meltdown that appears today on the news worldwide.  Refer to the public chart available herein, it is one more reason for you to install the free app today!

CryptoCurrency Expert Says TRON Binance is a Fraud Forecasting Crash

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CryptoCurrency Expert Says TRON Binance is a Fraud Forecasting Crash. He is working with governmental agencies.