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Traders' University

coaching investors on how to succeed for thirty years

the only proven trading courses in markets history

including the world's best trader stock picks

The only live trading course in markets history where learners became millionaires trading GoPro since IPO.

This is the only proven live trading course in the industry. It can be used to trade stocks, ETF's, oil, gold and in the forex markets.

The world's best trader is your personal coach offering continuous live updates covering the basics to the most advanced topics such as emotional analysis, trading strategies, brain training, real problem solving helping one to decide faster and better than ever before.

The most successful courses for professional traders and investors in the capital markets based on almost thirty years of experience.

New modules such as Live technical analysis available on a world-class e-learning LMS platform.

Acquire a competitive advantage dramatically improving your trading skills, making a turn around in your career as an investor. Learn about the most complex Wall Street games discussed live on the tape ahead of major price moves.

Live traders' courses

Learn about the world's best trading system - the same used by Vieira himself.

The module on live technical analysis has been developed as part of a deal worth $177 million dollars offering training to Chinese and Middle East institutions.

Most courses include live trading, live coaching, and the world's best market calls in stocks, ETF's, oil, gold, and in the forex markets.

Artificially intelligence autonomous trading

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

Artificially intelligent autonomous trading for serious investors and traders. Gain access to the world's most accurate algorithm trading in the financial markets while learning how to trade online by enrolling into a course.

As pioneers in artificially intelligence autonomous trading and a world leader in live trading for professional investors in the capital markets, we offer access to the same information as financial institutions worth billions of dollars to them - refer to our track record.

Artificially intelligent autonomous trading includes a complimentary course addressing topics as

  • Financial goal analysis
  • Price target analysis
  • Scan and filter analysis per market sector and financial instrument
  • Chart analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Pivot analysis
  • Bull and Bear analysis
  • Position sizing analysis
  • Trade analysis
  • Portfolio analysis

Features & benefits

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AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

Live trading lessons

worth millions of dollars based on facts

Ahead of Mobileye Buyout

Selling AK Steel Live 1000% Profit

Instantaneous Results

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2014 version reviews

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

The Trading Course is a must have for any serious trader. Vieira's teaching and trade calls included in the course are uncanny accurate. It has helped my team to make a small fortune in the markets trading GoPro and Loco IPO's. I strongly recommend subscribing to SMS Trade Alerts on stocks you are interested in.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

Vieira's trading course is unique in every aspect. He goes straight to the point. He describes the activity on GoPro and other stocks teaching how to predict tops, bottoms and meaningful stock pivots. Vieira describes in detail his methodology giving live trading examples which you can use to profit from. He tells what we have to do to become a successful investor and a millionaire. I used his live teaching to triple my capital. 100% recommended.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

On my first day made $5400. After 8 days in the service my profit surged to $78,300. The trade alerts have been perfect since day one. In the past month cashed out $150,000 trading GoPro Live and as a subscriber to the Basic Trading Course.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

I have made $54,000 trading LOCO stock using Vieira's methodology and suggested stock picks for beginners.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
Leandro B

The free SMS alerts in the course are truly amazing. Its accuracy is unbelievable. I am telling you. It's hard to believe. I only wish to have more capital in my account. We can make lots, lots of money while learning how to invest in the market. The course is all about live trading, no bullshit about past events as everyone else.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses

I have been short Sears for months after attending Vieira's course on live technical analysis. My profits exceed $153,000 in 2014.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
Ralph N.

$920,000 profit in GoPro and Twitter as a subscriber to Vieira's trading course.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
Maria Eduarda

I soon realized this course could change my life as Vieira discussed GoPro in such detail I felt pretty comfortable to invest in a considerable amount. I have never had a real opportunity to make $1 million in the markets except during this course.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
Holland R

$730,000 profit in GoPro, Sears Holdings and Twitter. Thank you Vieira. Perfect market calls. I could not have done it without your continuous perseverance and mentoring.

One attendee made more than $18 million selling short Sears Holdings while investing in Apple long term, two of stock picks discussed in the live trading course having access to more than one hundred lessons.

The most profitable live trading course ever! Fully live recorded including the world's best stock market calls since IPO

Unlike in the movie "Who wants to be a millionaire" based on fiction Vieira throughout this live interactive trading course makes it happen. He shares his knowledge, feedback, real time trade alerts, investment plan, stock outlook with attendees reaching actual profits in excess of $100 million dollars.

AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses
AI-algorithm-700x700 stock market Trading Courses