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TV Headlines 3000% in Two Hours!

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Reviews 4

I joined the trading course in February 2014 and live streaming in May 2014. As of August 2015 my account balance soared to $1.7 million and I missed more than 70% his market calls.

Reviews 4

It is with great satisfaction that I am writing my second review within less than a year. For the first time in my life earned $1 million in the markets. Thank you Vieira for your continuous daily support. GoPro, Amazon, El Pollo Loco, Twitter, USD dollar. The world is ignorant about your amazing skills.

Reviews 6
Leandro B

The free SMS alerts in the course are truly amazing. Its accuracy is unbelievable. I am telling you. It's hard to believe. I only wish to have more capital in my account. We can make lots, lots of money while learning how to invest in the market. The course is all about live trading, no bullshit about past events as everyone else.

Reviews 7
Ralph N.

$920,000 profit in GoPro and Twitter as a subscriber to Vieira's trading course.

Reviews 4

The Trading Course is a must have for any serious trader. Vieira's teaching and trade calls included in the course are uncanny accurate. It has helped my team to make a small fortune in the markets trading GoPro and Loco IPO's. I strongly recommend subscribing to SMS Trade Alerts on stocks you are interested in.

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Holland R

$730,000 profit in GoPro, Sears Holdings and Twitter. Thank you Vieira. Perfect market calls. I could not have done it without your continuous perseverance and mentoring.

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C. Branco

According to my brokerage statements my average net profit investing in Twitter, GoPro and Apple is $42,970 per day for the past twelve months.

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On my first day made $5400. After 8 days in the service my profit surged to $78,300. The trade alerts have been perfect since day one. In the past month cashed out $150,000 trading GoPro Live and as a subscriber to the Basic Trading Course.

Reviews 9
Eirik K

Our firm client basis has increased 70% within the last seven months. Our revenue estimates increased 145%. We have seen an increase of 240% in new leads due to existing clients sharing Vieira's reviews. Our firm is experiencing stellar results since joined Vieira Trading therefore the decision of doubling the number of Platinum Air show seats to twenty two was consensual.

Reviews 10
Maria Eduarda

I soon realized this course could change my life as Vieira discussed GoPro in such detail I felt pretty comfortable to invest in a considerable amount. I have never had a real opportunity to make $1 million in the markets except during this course.

Reviews 11

Vieira's trading course is unique in every aspect. He goes straight to the point. He describes the activity on GoPro and other stocks teaching how to predict tops, bottoms and meaningful stock pivots. Vieira describes in detail his methodology giving live trading examples which you can use to profit from. He tells what we have to do to become a successful investor and a millionaire. I used his live teaching to triple my capital. 100% recommended.

Reviews 12

I have loved Vieira's work for years and can’t and don’t want to live without. It is the best $5 per day spent for myself and now this add-on deal is not only the icing on the cake, but it adds several whole new layers to an already amazing cake. Love it. My account gained nearly $28,000 since he announced it.

Reviews 13

WOW. This deal rocks. I subscribed as soon as it came out. Then, upgraded to the investor package getting a full credit where I made 200% on the annual plan. Anybody that is still stuffing their face and thinking about it needs to put down the money and upgrade as fast as possible. With all the options plus a full credit (assuming it stays), it's like they are paying you to use their great services. Now it's time to take my free money and use it for holidays.

Reviews 14
Wang L

My second review. In the past 12 months my profit by investing in Expedia according to Vieira's guidance surged to $550,000. Today I saved $26,000 on First Solar by attending live streaming selling the stock at $57.1 while shares closed at $54.5

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R Lotta

I've been short Sears for years after attending his first course on technical analysis in 2014. At that time my profit was just $153,000. In 2017 my profit soared to $1,800,000. I find his coaching an invaluable resource.

Reviews 4

I've been a client for 5 years. This week webinar and live streaming granted my team $65,000 profit in a long position in Acadia Pharmaceuticals.

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I have been short Sears for months after attending Vieira's course on live technical analysis. My profits exceed $153,000 in 2014.

Reviews 9

Vieira's plan to sell short Chinese and US tech stocks worked out of the gate. Consistency, profitability and live support were decisive factors in our decision for signing a long-term contract.

Reviews 9
Eirik K

Vieira's record trading Facebook, GoPro, Twitter and Youku since IPO day is absolutely perfect. This is my third review of Vieira Trading, our best investment ever.

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Holland R

Mr. Vieira trading lessons on how to invest in GoPro, Twitter and Facebook are truly masterpieces. My profits soared to $1 million since I subscribed to the GTR service.

Reviews 18

It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is. It does not not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess or what his name is - it it disagrees with my view it is wrong because I can read the market. That is all there is to say.

Reviews 19

I have made $54,000 trading LOCO stock using Vieira's methodology and suggested stock picks for beginners.

Reviews 20

I've a small account. I want to let you know it doubled after renting "How to Sell Short Zacks the worst investment newsletter for investors". I've always seen Zacks as a scam. You helped my dream come true.

Reviews 21
Abdul M.

Vieira helped our fund to make its best year ever 400% above our best expectations by investing in Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Valero, Netflix, Facebook, Tesla, Amgen and Yelp.

Reviews 22

I bet everything on Rackspace Hosting short after Vieira announced it as dead. Perfect call on video and $230,000 profit after earnings report!

Reviews 23
Bruno M.

The best thing about Vieira is ROI and knowledge. One year ago invested in Facebook, Halliburton, Carmax, Pandora, Google, Groupon, Amgen, Sina, Yoku and Tesla. My capital gains increased $5 million

Reviews 24

Day trading profit over $1 million in Intuitive Surgical down to $358. I closed my long position at $560 in 2012 after Vieira downgraded the company to Strong Sell. Vieira is a genius calling a crash with a price target $358. We invested in ISRG at $100 in 2009 up to $560 in 2012. After his downgrade the stock has never seen a new high again.

Reviews 24
Dmitri S

$343,000 in First Solar within less than a month. 100x ROI. Buy this Rocket stock Now! Love it Vieira.

Reviews 26
Ferrer M.

Stop listening to analysts. Vieira beats them all. More than $150,000 in Sodastream and Rackspace within days! Paid $1500 for two videos

Reviews 27
Liu W

In the past three days made near $46,000 after renting "How to Sell Short Zacks the worst investment newsletter in the U.S".

Reviews 28
Lokanath M.

If the world needs to pick the Steve Jobs of stock trading, they would pick Vieira with 200% certainty. Actually, I think he is beyond Steve Jobs.

Reviews 29

I already made more than $1 million in the stock market learning with Vieira

Reviews 30

I am 63 years old. Opened an account at Vieira and in four months my accumulated profit is $1.5 million. Vieira made perfect calls in Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Valero.

Reviews 31
Bernhard M.

I have never seen a loss trading solar stocks SPWR and FSLR. His stock forecasts describe the future. I have four digit return on investment.

Reviews 32
Qiang W.

I’ve got a seat in silver last December. I became addicted to Vieira. Last week got my hands on his Twitter outlook. Unbelievable! He called the sell off, support AND analyst upgrades one week ahead of public news! Bought 4,000 shares at $58, sold this week at $64. The video was recorded when Twitter was $70. I could have made more than $100,000 if I had the courage to short it! He only asked $500 for the video!

Reviews 33
Shah B.

The education provided by Mr. Vieira is immeasurable. He is a pure genius and world's greatest trader in my opinion.

Reviews 34
Nikolay S

It's dramatically simple to become a millionaire investor with Vieira. I have more than tripled my account since I joined his program. I've not seen any loss yet.

Reviews 24

I started investing in Netflix in 2010 using Vieira's guidance. In seven years my ROI soared 5,400%

Reviews 36
Christian M

Doubled my capital trading OCZ and BlackBerry after making 300% in Netflix and Intuitive Surgical with Vieira. I’m an unconditional fan of Dubai Airshow.

Reviews 37
Oleg Eremin

Paid $9,990 for Lululemon earnings call. The next day more than $2 million dollars entered into my account by the closing bell.

Reviews 32
Qiang Wei

Closed my short in Best Buy today with a profit of $43,000 in seven days. I am ready to triple my account.

Reviews 39
Ernest D

Thank you Vieira for my first million dollars trading Lululemon and Facebook with you.

Reviews 40

$8,500 profit after renting Facebook stock outlook. Perfect! Wish I had more capital to invest in Facebook

Reviews 41
Guerin A

Total profit $189,000 in a couple of weeks trading Facebook. Vieira is a father. I’ve got a SMS from him after he noticed I was not online! His call saved my week.

Reviews 42

I have been following Vieira work for years. I have seen all those videos on YouTube. I would like him to know that my account doubled in the past week selling short OCZ.

Reviews 43

Invest in Vieira stock outlooks to understand why anyone can turn into a millionaire! I rented Sears Holdings, Best Buy, BlackBerry, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter and Amazon. The accuracy of his pivots is fantastic. Bought Twitter 5k at $58 before going to $64 today and Amazon $388 to $400 ahead of earnings!

Reviews 44

We made $370,000 in the past couple of weeks using Vieira live trading channel. Perfect trade calls on Apple, Netflix, ETF’s and financials. Vieira is always there for you almost 24 hours per day. We receive support instantaneously. God Bless you my friend.

Reviews 24

As a Platinum subscriber I don’t mind to pay for all videos Vieira has been publishing on his site. His earnings call in Twitter rendered $380,000 so far. Tonight I am paying for Green Mountain Coffee Outlook 2014 and tomorrow morning I will be in the live channel making even more money.

Reviews 46
Carroll B.

I opened a free account in December 2013. Since then made $110,000 in the past month after watching Vieira’s free video on how to make $1 million in the stock market. In January profited more $25,000 after purchasing his Twitter video on demand. This gentleman is a genius. Thank you.

Reviews 47
Khumar B.

Your Linkedin earnings call was perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t have a large account but I could be a millionaire overnight.

Reviews 27
Liu W

It will blow up your mind. Unbelievable. Irresistible. This guy is the market.

Reviews 14
Wang L.

Can’t believe my eyes $130,000 after hours long Expedia. We’re rocking at $74 a new high. Thank You!

Reviews 32
Wei Qiang

Absolutely marvelous! It blows off CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg altogether! $11,570 profit for a $50 ticket! It is worth every penny.

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