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Small investors to sovereign funds

Live markets coverage and trading discussing leading companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. United States, China, Europe, Japan, Russia, India and Brazil.

Join the most complete and world’s best live trading solution on any device. Stocks, IPO’s, Forex, ETF’s, BitCoin, Gold and Oil.

Used by small investors, hedge funds, investment banks and sovereign funds around the world. Platinum is our most popular solution for small investors.












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Air show revolutionizes the industry offering entertainment and serious insight for professional investors. Learn about what really matters in real-time.

I started investing in Netflix in 2010 according to Vieira's forecast. In 2015 my return on investment is 3,600%


The Real Donald Trump stocks

Learn how to invest in the world’s best companies across different market sectors since IPO.

Know about the world’s best stock market performers before everyone’e else. U.S Steel gaining 450% is a remarkable example.

Large market cap, speculative stocks, IPO’s, low and highly volatile stocks. We discuss them all.

More importantly, we know which stocks Trump administration favours

Hedge Funds & Investment Banks


It is with great satisfaction that I am writing my second review within less than a year. For the first time in my life earned $1 million in the markets. Thank you Vieira for your continuous daily support. GoPro, Amazon, El Pollo Loco, Twitter, USD dollar. The world is ignorant about your amazing skills.

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Live streaming for hedge fund managers and investment banks run daily during market hours unlimited time.

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