Vieira Says Roku is a Bubble. Hedge Funds Bet on Roku Crash

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Roku is a bubble stock. Ten times more expensive than Tesla! Undoubtedly one of the best selling short opportunities in the past two decades! Roku valuation is outrageous, so ridiculous that every day short sellers make an exorbitant profit! Intuitive Code downgraded Roku to junk at a price of $58.7. It's your time to sell short Roku shares. Place your market order, wake up a multi-millionaire. Meanwhile, install the free app. 

World's Best Forex Trader Releases Forex Free APP. Euro Soars to New Highs in 2018

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Invest in the Forex market with a market legend. Central banks algorithm trading. Install the free app on any device. Get the most accurate and profitable Forex trading signals. Currency pair Euro/US Dollar. Charts. Artificially intelligent Forex trade signals. Real-time forex trading, trailing stops, forecasts, live commentary and technical analysis. Stop losing money gambling! Invest in credibility and consistent results. 30 years proven track record. We create markets history and we prove it!

Best FREE APP to Invest in Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. Ethereum. Ripple

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Let artificial intelligence manage your cryptocurrencies portfolio. Watch it in real-time! Install the free app on any device. Cryptocurrency live trading. Bitcoin. Monero. Ethereum. Tron. Ripple. Charts, artificially intelligent trade signals, real-time trailing stops, cryptocurrencies ratings and much more. Stop losing money gambling. Invest in credibility and consistent results. We create cryptocurrencies history and we prove it!

Vieira Buy Priceline Clear Outperformer for 2018

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Vieira who last year forecasted Priceline crash downgrading to Strong Sell at $2065,  said to investors worldwide Priceline will outperform in 2018 upgrading shares to Strong Buy at a price of $1618 in the final quarter of 2017. Refer to the real-time Priceline investment chart for small and professionals worth millions of dollars available in this article.

Artificial Intelligent Algo Crypto Trading EVIDENT Doubles BitCoin Short Ahead of Crash

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Do you know the name of the company which sent Bitcoin from $3000 to $20,000? Here you have the announcement that triggered the frenzy in the crypto markets. Intuitive Code released in December 2017  the version 10 of the artificially intelligent algorithm immediately available for crypto markets.  In this new version, drastic improvements have been made in order to achieve historical results. 

Vieira Live Crypto News on Ethereum After Calling 300% Rally to $1350

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The billionaire and stock market legend issued a real-time update on Twitter for investors in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETHUSD). Please refer to his real-time feed on Twitter. To learn more how to invest in cryptocurrencies investors may start by creating a free account on the website.

Best Wall Street Advisor Raises Intuitive Surgical Price Target for 2018

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Stock market legend sees Intuitive Surgical is one of the best companies to invest in for long-term investors. Intuitive Code reiterated a Strong Buy rating on Intuitive Surgical on Christmas at a price of $360 ahead of earnings report. Throughout the years Vieira has warned for criminals as Citron Research calling a crash on shares.

Vieira's Bearish Ripple Forecast Cryptocurrency Bubble Tumbles

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Vieira's Bearish Ripple Forecast Cryptocurrency Bubble Tumbles. Vieira warned investors worldwide for the exaggerated valuation behind the alternate coin Ripple (XPRUSD) naming it a clear Ponzi scheme along with the fake cryptocurrency TRON. He explained to institutional investors his point of view while leaving a video on YouTube referring to a real-time recommendation to sell short $200 million dollars of the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRPUSD).

Fidelity Joins Tesla Investors Club. UAE Investor Makes $1 Billion Bet

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Fidelity Joins Tesla Investors Club for 2018. UAE Investor Makes $1 Billion Bet Learn why Tesla can be the best investment opportunity in the coming years by joining Tesla Investors Club. Tesla investors Club is fully managed by Vieira and Artificial Intelligence

Why GoPro Stock Crashed While Ambarella Soared to New Highs in 2018

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Listen to the free advice of Wall Street Best Advisor of the Decade. Investors should not invest in GoPro taking particular attention to the misinformation available on the web ahead of a crash. Savvy investors should prefer to invest in solid companies as Ambarella (AMBA).