Intuitive Code Buys Stake in LYFT using Israeli AI Trading Self-Learning Algorithm

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Intuitive Code acquired a stake in the recent LYFT IPO upgrading its share price to Strong Buy as traders dumped shares in the market down to $66 referring to LYFT as a bubble stock.

World’s Richest Investors Buy Chipotle and Lululemon Raising Price Targets

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Intuitive Code raised price target on shares of Lululemon and Chipotle. Learn more how you can make $60 million per year with our guidance instead of going bankrupt by […]

Billionaire Sees 90% of Americans Eating Chipotle Burritos Including Donald Trump

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Alex Vieira, the inventor of Chipotle is My Life, is seeing his vision come true. More than 90% of Americans are going to eat Chipotle Burritos starting with Donald Trump from breakfast to […]

Intuitive Code Sells ROKU Downgrading on Fraud Concerns

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Intuitive Code sold its stake in ROKU after listening to the free investment advice of the world’s greatest investor concerned with fraud.

I am very concerned with […]

Can Citi Be Sued for Defrauding ROKU investors

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It’s a good question about whether Citi can be sued for defrauding ROKU investors. ROKU turned into one of the best stock market performers in the world after Citi slashed its […]

Intuitive Code Doubles ROKU Price Target! Dismiss Jeffrey Gundlach Con Artist!

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ROKU is set to soar on AI ROBOTIC TRADING, a great opportunity for any investor to turn into a multi-millionaire.

The bear market is over! Investors have been deceived by one of […]

Best Investors’ Tips from Billionaires and Best Hedge Fund Managers

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How Investors Used Artificial Intelligence to Reach 3,300% Profit Investing in Twilio.

Learn about the best companies to invest in long-termStocks undervalued 500% ready to explode! Start investing in the markets with a […]

AI VISION Fund Billionaire Helps Investors Reaching Record Profits in the Markets.

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Shopify shares soared to new all-time highs in 2019 according to a forecast released by AI Vision. AI VISION portfolio continues advancing to record new-highs as investors chase Alex Vieira’s best stocks to buy in 2019.