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Investor in Ludicrous Speed Inflicts $3 Billion Dollars Loss to Tesla Shorts Sellers

An investor in Ludicrous Speed Inflicts $3 Billion Dollars Loss to Tesla Shorts Sellers. I know how does it feel being a loser, it is terrifying especially when you also lack the skills to use your brain. However, God has offered every one of us the same opportunities. I was not born to defraud people as Wall Street. On the contrary, we’ve had the same mission for the past three decades.


VIEIRA: Just Bought More Shares Nvidia STRONG BUY $NVDA. Nvidia is one of the best companies you can buy today after-hours at $100.5 on my call on Twitter. I doubled the size of my investment in Nvidia (NVDA) which I had the pleasure of explaining in my course Live technical analysis ahead of earnings buying shares at $95 – precisely the same lesson where I referred to Twilio (TWLO) as a Strong Sell.

How Did I Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon

How Did I Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon. When American crooks as Robert Shiller tells you that stocks are too expensive that a correction is coming and you cannot make money investing in the markets you point to him the following articles

Buying Amazon Ahead of Apple Earnings Short Snap Inc

I do not know what Apple was going to report on earnings, but I do know that Amazon already reported the best quarter among all tech companies. Moreover, Amazon has corrected since its earnings report which makes it a compelling less risk buy ahead of Apple earnings.

Best Wall Street Advisor Raises Intuitive Surgical Price Target for 2018

Stock market legend sees Intuitive Surgical is one of the best companies to invest in for long-term investors. Intuitive Code reiterated a Strong Buy rating on Intuitive Surgical on Christmas at a price of $360 ahead of earnings report. Throughout the years Vieira has warned for criminals as Citron Research calling a crash on shares.

Autonomous Trading Forecasts $1 Billion Profit Investing in AMD Going into 2019

Intuitive Code, autonomous trading division, came out with a very accurate forecast predicting a profit of $1 billion dollars investing in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

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Best Investors’ Tips from Billionaires and Best Hedge Fund Managers

How Investors Used Artificial Intelligence to Reach 3,300% Profit Investing in Twilio. Learn about the best companies to invest in long-term. Stocks undervalued 500% ready to explode! Start investing in the markets with a real legend. Install AI Vision free app. Trade. Sleep. Eat. No distress. Perelman’s AI Robotic Trading does all the […]

AI VISION Fund Billionaire Helps Investors Reaching Record Profits in the Markets.

Shopify shares soared to new all-time highs in 2019 according to a forecast released by AI Vision. AI VISION portfolio continues advancing to record new-highs as investors chase Alex Vieira’s best stocks to buy in 2019. Boeing Best Stocks to Buy in 2019 Jeffrey Gundlach Incompetent Bearish Outlook Sears Holdings […]

Alex Vieira Stock Portfolio Soars to New All-Time Highs While Jeffrey Gundlach Sinks in Losses

The world’s best investor and market legend Alex Vieira saw his stock portfolio soaring to new all-time highs in 2019 validating the theory that Jeffrey Gundlach bear market outlook is irresponsible and incompetent. Alex Vieira has been sharing his best investment picks and market outlook with the investment community. Companies […]

AI Vision Tech Fund Doubles Stake in Netflix Raising Price Target

AI Vision tech fund doubled its stake in Netflix as investors sold shares following the most recent earnings report. Netflix share price is poised to more than double making it one of the most affordable stocks to invest in! Apple investors should consider selling their shares to invest in Netflix […]

Alex Vieira Sells Amazon Sending Shares Back into Bear Market Territory

Alex Vieira sold his stake in Amazon ahead of earnings downgrading to neutral ahead of shares plunging back into a bear market territory. The investor downgraded Amazon to Strong Sell at $2,048 in 2018 buying back shares in December at $1,312 as the crowd capitulated to the market genius. Only […]

Hilarious! Jeffrey Gundlach Announces BEAR Market at the BOTTOM!

I am pretty sure you are making lots of money following the investment advice of Jeffrey Gundlach who recently declared a bear market close to the very bottom! It’s hilarious how people continue believing in miracles coming from Wall Street! The good news is that sheep followers are bankrupt selling […]

Market Genius Who Called Apple Crash Comments Ahead of Earnings Report

Learn how to invest in the markets and in Apple for free with a true market legend. I invite you to install the AI Vision app. Learn more how the Market Genius Who Called Apple Crash Has Just Made $2.3 Billion Teaching How to Trade for Free. Market Genius Who […]

Alex Vieira $4 billion dollars profit investing in Netflix live naming Warren Buffett a Crook

Watch Alex Vieira investing in Netflix live using Perelman’s AI trading algorithm ahead of Netflix reporting earnings selling shares at $355 representing a profit of $65 million dollars in less than a month. Before proceeding you may also wish to refer to the following articles Now compare the rest of […]

I’ve Just Sold Tesla Stock Going Short Musk is Bearish!

Intuitive Code sold its stake in Tesla at $347 acquiring a short position as Elon Musk turned bearish slashing Tesla workforce assuming severe quality issues. Learn more why Tesla insiders bailed out of Tesla!

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