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Investor in Ludicrous Speed Inflicts $3 Billion Dollars Loss to Tesla Shorts Sellers

An investor in Ludicrous Speed Inflicts $3 Billion Dollars Loss to Tesla Shorts Sellers. I know how does it feel being a loser, it is terrifying especially when you also lack the skills to use your brain. However, God has offered every one of us the same opportunities. I was not born to defraud people as Wall Street. On the contrary, we’ve had the same mission for the past three decades.


VIEIRA: Just Bought More Shares Nvidia STRONG BUY $NVDA. Nvidia is one of the best companies you can buy today after-hours at $100.5 on my call on Twitter. I doubled the size of my investment in Nvidia (NVDA) which I had the pleasure of explaining in my course Live technical analysis ahead of earnings buying shares at $95 – precisely the same lesson where I referred to Twilio (TWLO) as a Strong Sell.

How Did I Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon

How Did I Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon. When American crooks as Robert Shiller tells you that stocks are too expensive that a correction is coming and you cannot make money investing in the markets you point to him the following articles

Buying Amazon Ahead of Apple Earnings Short Snap Inc

I do not know what Apple was going to report on earnings, but I do know that Amazon already reported the best quarter among all tech companies. Moreover, Amazon has corrected since its earnings report which makes it a compelling less risk buy ahead of Apple earnings.

Best Wall Street Advisor Raises Intuitive Surgical Price Target for 2018

Stock market legend sees Intuitive Surgical is one of the best companies to invest in for long-term investors. Intuitive Code reiterated a Strong Buy rating on Intuitive Surgical on Christmas at a price of $360 ahead of earnings report. Throughout the years Vieira has warned for criminals as Citron Research calling a crash on shares.

Autonomous Trading Forecasts $1 Billion Profit Investing in AMD Going into 2019

Intuitive Code, autonomous trading division, came out with a very accurate forecast predicting a profit of $1 billion dollars investing in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

The week in the markets

Professionals Dump Bubble Stocks Rotating into Best Stocks to Buy 2020

The end of the year is nearby, and savvy investors remember that last year while Americans were calling a bear market on CNBC deceiving the world, the world’s best investors were buying stocks with both hands in December. This year, we started earlier buying names no one else wants to invest in while dumping darling …

Professionals Dump Bubble Stocks Rotating into Best Stocks to Buy 2020 Read More »

Intuitive Code Sells ROKU Downgrading to Strong Sell on Extreme Valuation Concerns

We’re very concerned with ROKU market valuation and investors sentiment, therefore the team made a strategic decision selling its position assuming a large short stake. The world’s best investor Alex Vieira has made available a stunning dark forecast.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Soars 400% on Alex Vieira Uncanny Biotech Stocks to Buy

Intuitive Code AI upgraded Acadia Pharmaceuticals to Strong Buy at $13 naming it the best biotech stock to invest in after stupid Americans capitulated at a market bottom, while referring to Mallinckrodt as the best SCAM in the biotech industry.

Pinterest Crashes as Legendary Investor Dumps on Bearish Forecast Slashing Price Target

The market legend is warning everyone to sell Pinterest downgrading to Strong Sell. Pinterest is seen as a bubble stock about to collapse. AI traders are going to make millions of dollars selling short Pinterest as Americans return to the stock market buying on Wall Street frenzy upgrades.

Intuitive AI Code Downgrades Salesforce to Neutral on Blowout Earnings

Salesforce reported outstanding earnings but is it a buying opportunity? It depends on how much you believe the share price can move higher. Intuitive AI Code does not see a short term issue for Salesforce investors, however, the long-term outlook seems rather different.

Intuitive Code Triples Investment in Hubspot the Next Salesforce

Intuitive AI Code urged investors to acquire more shares of Hubspot as soon as the company reported a stellar earnings report following the same reasoning as investing in Shopify.

Intuitive AI Code Raises Shopify Price Target on Unprecedented AI Robotic Trading Profits

Intuitive Code urged investors to buy more shares of Shopify as soon as the company reported a stellar earnings report raising its price target to the highest in the world.

AI Robotic Trading Raises ROKU Price Target Buy 2 Million Shares

Intuitive AI Code initiated coverage of ROKU with a Strong Buy rating at a price of $19 on IPO. We continue believing in ROKU as a low-risk investment in the volatile U.S stock market.

AI Robotic Trading Pinterest Awarded Best Social Media Company.

Intuitive AI Code has a Strong Buy rating on Pinterest seeing it as the best social media company to invest in compared to its peers. Facebook is no longer cheap. Twitter soared more than 400% since our upgrade to Strong Buy. Snapchat also rallied 340% since the legendary investor referred to it as a no-brainer …

AI Robotic Trading Pinterest Awarded Best Social Media Company. Read More »

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