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Our content is 100% recorded live including the most accurate market calls in the world. A honest review has to consider the Return on Investment to the client. This sample constitutes evidence of the unique value offer to subscribers.

Herein, find digitally signed reviews from individuals who have actually invested in stock forecasts as video on demand. Opinions and results might differ depending upon user’s experience. Some customers subscribe to more than a service, a fact that has proven to increase their probability of success.

Vieira's plan to sell short Chinese and US tech stocks worked out of the gate. Consistency, profitability and live support were decisive factors in our decision for signing a long-term contract.


I've a small account. I want to let you know it doubled after renting "How to Sell Short Zacks the worst investment newsletter for investors". I've always seen Zacks as a scam. You helped my dream come true.


I bet everything on Rackspace Hosting short after Vieira announced it as dead. Perfect call on video and $230,000 profit after earnings report!


$343,000 in First Solar within less than a month. 100x ROI. Buy this Rocket stock Now! Love it Vieira.

Dmitri S

Stop listening to analysts. Vieira beats them all. More than $150,000 in Sodastream and Rackspace within days! Paid $1500 for two videos

Ferrer M.

In the past three days made near $46,000 after renting "How to Sell Short Zacks the worst investment newsletter in the U.S".

Liu W

I have never seen a loss trading solar stocks SPWR and FSLR. His stock forecasts describe the future. I have four digit return on investment.

Bernhard M.

I’ve got a seat in silver last December. I became addicted to Vieira. Last week got my hands on his Twitter outlook. Unbelievable! He called the sell off, support AND analyst upgrades one week ahead of public news! Bought 4,000 shares at $58, sold this week at $64. The video was recorded when Twitter was $70. I could have made more than $100,000 if I had the courage to short it! He only asked $500 for the video!

Qiang W.

It's dramatically simple to become a millionaire investor with Vieira. I have more than tripled my account since I joined his program. I've not seen any loss yet.

Nikolay S

I started investing in Netflix in 2010 using Vieira's guidance. In seven years my ROI soared 5,400%


Paid $9,990 for Lululemon earnings call. The next day more than $2 million dollars entered into my account by the closing bell.

Oleg Eremin

Closed my short in Best Buy today with a profit of $43,000 in seven days. I am ready to triple my account.

Qiang Wei

$8,500 profit after renting Facebook stock outlook. Perfect! Wish I had more capital to invest in Facebook


I have been following Vieira work for years. I have seen all those videos on YouTube. I would like him to know that my account doubled in the past week selling short OCZ.


Invest in Vieira stock outlooks to understand why anyone can turn into a millionaire! I rented Sears Holdings, Best Buy, BlackBerry, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter and Amazon. The accuracy of his pivots is fantastic. Bought Twitter 5k at $58 before going to $64 today and Amazon $388 to $400 ahead of earnings!


As a Platinum subscriber I don’t mind to pay for all videos Vieira has been publishing on his site. His earnings call in Twitter rendered $380,000 so far. Tonight I am paying for Green Mountain Coffee Outlook 2014 and tomorrow morning I will be in the live channel making even more money.


I opened a free account in December 2013. Since then made $110,000 in the past month after watching Vieira’s free video on how to make $1 million in the stock market. In January profited more $25,000 after purchasing his Twitter video on demand. This gentleman is a genius. Thank you.

Carroll B.

Your Linkedin earnings call was perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t have a large account but I could be a millionaire overnight.

Khumar B.

Can’t believe my eyes $130,000 after hours long Expedia. We’re rocking at $74 a new high. Thank You!

Wang L.

Absolutely marvelous! It blows off CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg altogether! $11,570 profit for a $50 ticket! It is worth every penny.

Wei Qiang
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