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facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading

We leverage the power of global leading social media platforms as YouTube and Facebook together with the world’s best historical track record trading in the markets empowering a new generation of traders and investors. Learn and profit from live trading using your own brokers' account. Copy the world's best trader. It's completely free. No commissions. No costs.

Live Copy Trading

The crowd is bound to lose money in the markets having access to very delayed, manipulated and biased information.

Join the Social Live Trading revolution! Connect with the world's best traders, learn about trading strategies, and use Live Copy Trading to automatically copy the world's best traders portfolio.

Unlike the competition, no misleading marketing, no fees, no bullshit, no lousy performance. You've full control. We do not have any profit. The only requirement is to share with others and to have a minimum number of attendees.

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facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading

I've been a client for 5 years. This week webinar and live streaming granted my team $65,000 profit in a long position in Acadia Pharmaceuticals.

facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading

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facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading
facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading
facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading
facebook-live-960 Social Live Trading

How does it work?

Please refer to the corresponding FAQ section in our portal - social live copy trading. I believe most of your questions have been addressed.

My question is not in the FAQ

We're here to help one getting started turning it into a rather positive and smooth experience to the user. Please create a support ticket here.