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As part of our mission, the company offers to professional investors and traders complimentary access to a large database of articles, case studies, investment lessons, live market calls in stocks, ETF’s, gold, oil, and in the Forex markets, available per market sector.

A wide spectrum of industries as financial, retail, oil, automakers, social media, tech, healthcare, biotechnology, software, gold, IT, networking and much more.

Machine learning and algorithm trading constitute some of the artificially intelligent resources responsible for the historical work available in the database.

Many of my case studies are based on information available in our sites. Most people disregard what really matters to them, often before their eyes, wasting their valuable time and money looking for arguments justifying their beliefs rather than the truth. Hence, I’m addicted to the search feature as one of the most valuable tools available to investors. Learn how to use it for your own benefit.


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