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Continuous daily sessions for professionals and two hour events for non-professionals. Decide which one to attend or mix sessions.  The world’s best live commentary for investors.

Stock market live news. Live streaming video. Live training. Live coaching. Live analysis. Best ROI in the industry.

nDVR for Hedge Funds & Banks

The nDVR feature is free for professionals and in the collaborative live trading service. Now, you can time-shift content and use trick play features such as pause, play and rewind on a live trading broadcast. A must have feature for any serious investor and trader in the markets.

Don’t miss ever again the world’s best stock market calls. Watch the video based on actual events shared with viewers in real-time.


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Stocks & ETF's & Forex

NASDAQ & NYSE listed companies.

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Available on desktop, android & iOS.

Live streaming plans


for testing

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desktop + iOS
live streaming
4.30 – 5 PM EST


per session

any device
day trading
live commentary
11 AM – 13 PM EST
Tuesday & Thursday


per session

one session
live trading
adaptive bitrate
9.30 AM – 16.30 PM EST

Live streaming packages


per week

live trading
adaptive bitrate
one week recurring
9.30 AM – 16.30 PM EST


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adaptive bitrate
one month recurring
9.30 AM – 16.30 PM EST

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Frequent Questions & Answers

Recurring transactions

Only live streaming investor plan includes recurring transactions. Live streaming investor available options for 24 hours, 5 days or one month.

How to subscribe

Purchase on the paywall only when the streaming it is live. . You have a video explaining the process which takes less than 1 minute.

What does it include?

Live commentary and market analysis. Compare us to CNBC by reading this review based on facts, or to a stock guru here. Voice only is available when speaking.

Notifications & chat

Live streaming notifications posted to our Facebook page, i.e. starting time, special events, daily coverage, etc. You can make questions to Vieira by tweeting him.


Use Safari on Mac OS or IE on Windows 8. For mobile devices it has been tested on iOS. Mobile support (ABR) on investor and hedge fund plans.

Calendar & duration

The live streaming video player varies according to subscriber plan. More details on pricing plans. Price differs depending on live streaming feed, non-professional or professional.

Professional vs. non-professional status

Professionals are not allowed to subscribe to investor or trader plans. Non-professionals may subscribe to any plan. Refer to terms of service. Hedge fund is a professional plan.

How does pay-per-view work?

It’s very simple by following instructions on the player, however if you need visual guidance, create a free account, navigate towards members area, and watch the video

Free live streaming & preview

You can test free preview on video on demand. Live streaming pay-per-view valid for one session. For further testing  use free live streaming. Pay wall includes multi-language & currency support.

inPlayer transactions & invoices

Login to your inPlayer account here. Watch 1 minute demo on how to manage your account. You get an invoice by email.

Pay wall support

All issues related to the use of the pay wall, FAQ and contact details refer to this 1 minute demo.

Notes & support

While you see “Cannot load M3U8:404 not found” on the player the session is off. Refresh your browser if you experience a live streaming interruption. If necessary login again using your InPlayer account details. Voice only is available when speaking.  


We offer live streaming hedge fund plan and live streaming investor plan both valid for 30 days at a special rate.


Refunds not available since free live streaming is available for testing.

Streaming quality (ABR) & restrictions

Adaptive bitrate (ABR) available in the investor and hedge fund plans. The viewer is allowed to login on one device only, however you may change devices during the session. Clear browser cache and refresh if you encounter difficulties.

Playback nDVR

nDVR is available in the professionals version. Go back and fast forward in time playing the streaming from the beginning. A must have feature for any serious investor and trader in the markets.


Here anyone can start in less than a minute. Watch the videos.

Free live streaming

How to subscribe

inPlayer account