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Although our company services are dedicated to professional investors, hedge funds, sovereign funds and investment banks, we also offer complementary live streaming trading & commentary.

Our aim is to establish a long term partnership with your company helping your team to excel in the capital markets, surpassing your clients best expectations.

Let us demonstrate to your management that your company will not find a better solution in the industry.

Choose one of the following standard programs, or contact us for more details. We’re  specialized in custom solutions.


Non professionals

new pricing & plans for 2016

courses now include complimentary live streaming trading

offer expires soon


$0 forever

free account
no credit card
unlimited access
daily commentary
9.30 to 16 pm EST
no questions asked
free trading lessons
see how it works


$26,900 per year

trading methodology
recorded trading lessons
full curriculum program
two hours live streaming
live streaming twice per week
introduction to advanced topics


$57,990 for 3 years

level 2
emotional analysis
basic trading course
advanced trading lessons
full day streaming session
daily live streaming trading
based on e-learning platform
quizzes, mind mapping, exams
save $30,000 for a limited time 

Ralph N.
Ralph N.

$920,000 profit in GoPro and Twitter as a subscriber to Vieira's trading course.


I joined the trading course in February 2014 and live streaming in May 2014. As of August 2015 my account balance soared to $1.7 million and I missed more than 70% his market calls.


SPECIAL for 3 years

earnings calls
trading lessons
access to upgrades
premium stock picks
premium stock charts
basic trading course
collaborative trading
two hours live streaming
live streaming twice per week
save $310,850 most popular pack 


$176,000 per year

price targets
trading ideas
earnings calls
stock forecasts
daily live streaming
premium stock charts
basic trading course
collaborative trading
full day streaming session



assisted trading
investment plans
collaborative trading
live markets premium
live streaming platinum
30 to 60% profit sharing
interview & legal contract required

Most popular plan is Live markets premium which includes live streaming trading twice per week by default. Thereafter, upgrade to live markets premium plus live streaming platinum, our most popular plan (three years contract) for the same price as live streaming platinum (one year contract).

The service assisted trading is the only including 100% money back guarantee . For more information, refer to our refund policy. Assisted trading requires a legal binding contract and an escrow account.


Plans for professionals

Hedge funds. Sovereign funds. Investment banks.

Sign up fee first month $90,000 thereafter one year contract mandatory, or cancel.


which services do you offer?

Refer to this mind map for non-professionals, and to this one for professionals. To know more about a specific service find the details on the website.

which service do you suggest?

Live markets premium for non professionals, and live capital markets for professionals. Ask Vieira by making an appointment

technical questions

There is a dedicated page to each service including how to use and tutorials. For instance, for live streaming refer to these instructions and tutorials.

billing questions

Create a free account, thereafter refer to the instructions in the main members directory. Contact us if you have any further questions.