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The world's best live markets trading

We gained worldwide attention for a series of historic milestones. It is the only private company to beat every participant in the history of markets.

Unlike everyone else, the output of our research is recorded, disseminated and shared in real time proving it live on the tape, resulting in the best-proven market calls in history.

Our aim is to establish a long-term partnership with a small number of clients helping them thrive in the capital markets.

Unlike others, we have the experience and the track record. We do a far better job than any public company.

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Find yours using artificial intelligence

free tools to paid resources starting from $100
  • SMS + tech sector + courses
    accounts less than $250,000
  • Algorithm filters up to eight stocks
    algorithm chooses a maximum of six stocks ramdomly
  • U.S tech sector
  • SMS trade alerts
    Vital feature to professional investors
  • Weekly review & ahead on video
    Trading lessons including instructions for the coming week
  • Trend analysis charts
    no earnings call, no trend reversal charts, no detailed analysis
  • NEW trading course - coming soon
    meanwhile you have access to the existing proven methodology for 30 years
  • Focus on short-term trading
  • Autonomous trading course
    coming soon!
  • Basic autonomous trading
  • Trading support - less than 9 hours
  • No account manager
$85,000/year for two years
  • All standard features plus
    accounts less than $500,000
  • Any market sector
  • Stocks & Forex EUR/USD
  • Premium charts, pivots & analysis
    stock pivots & technical analysis
  • Earnings & risk analysis
    vital to professional investors
  • Live technical analysis course
    vital to professional investors
  • Custom investor video portal
    trading lessons plus live markets calls
  • Collaborative trading room
    Yammer custom private space for real-time collaboration including trading history substitutes SMS
  • Real-time trading support
  • Account manager Louis
  • Mobile app
    access to real-time notifications, trading history in your custom private space
  • Contract required
    ID and proof of financial sustainability
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$199,000/year for three years
  • Save 30% limited offer. Trade with Vieira
    accounts less than $2 million
  • Algorithm twenty stocks custom portfolio
  • United States + Emerging markets
    listed on NYSE and NASDAQ
  • ETF, Gold, Oil, Forex & BitCoin
    ETF's QQQ, IBB and GLD
  • Day-trading to long-term investment
    including history in your private yammer space; maximum profitablity with stock pivots & daily targets
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Advanced tables for autonomous trading
    highly accurate real-time information
  • Account manager Vieira & Nikolay
    Get real-time help from world trading experts
  • Consulting & phone support
    ten hours per year; unlimted phone support

Bull & Bear is about Focus, Simplicity, Affordability, Knowledge, empowering small investors with the mandatory tools and resources to maintain in-house total control over their investment decisions. Compare us to the competition. We’ve been creating markets history for thirty years.

nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing
nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing
Ralph N.

$920,000 profit in GoPro and Twitter as a subscriber to Vieira's trading course.

nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing

I joined the trading course in February 2014 and live streaming in May 2014. As of August 2015 my account balance soared to $1.7 million and I missed more than 70% his market calls.

nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing
nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing
nikolay-shatalov-940x300 Pricing

do you have a trial?

Absolutely, try our free tools and resources guide here

which service do you suggest?

We offer a wide range of services to investors and institutional clients. Use our artificial intelligence at your own convenience

technical questions

There is a dedicated page to each service including how to use and tutorials. For instance, for live streaming refer to these instructions and tutorials.

billing questions

Create a free account, thereafter refer to the instructions in the main members directory. Contact us if you have any further questions.