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The Highest ROI in the industry

The only company offering the real value of artificial intelligence to small and professional investors. Achieve up to 6,300% higher ROI compared to any competitor - based on actual data and reviews. Experience the power of artificial intelligence investing in stocks, ETF's, gold, oil, Forex and crypto markets.

The artificially intelligent investor workspace includes more than 50 mission-critical features such as an investment course, AI portfolio management, AI bot trading and much more available in a world leading platform.

Intuitive Code AI offers the Crypto, AI Stream, and Tesla plans. You can combine them with any of the existing Autonomous Trading AI bot plans.

Intuitive Code - Alex Vieira

AI Streaming. Cryptocurrencies. ETF. Stocks. Tesla Club.

with Alex
50% OFF
$100per day billed annually
  • 7 days trial
    demo app gives access to real-time time stamped history; no real-time feed
  • charts & guidance
  • major cryptocurrencies
    the major cryptocurrencies the world's best track record
with Alex
$9,990per week
  • AI
  • live trading
  • collaboration
    chat available
  • world's best trader
with Alex
50% OFF
$120per day billed annually
  • earnings call
    become a multi-millionaire!
  • investing in Tesla
  • Tesla trading table
    chart; price target; risk analysis; pivots
  • Live technical analysis
    course + live daily commentary

AI bot and an Expert Help You Achieve Stellar ROI

Outperform everyone else including market professionals

autonomous trading
10% OFF
$40per day billed annually
  • charts
    the best charts for investors worldwide
  • education
    the best in the industry
  • AI portfolio
  • AI ratings
    coherent and accurate ratings unlike the rest of the industry
  • basic trading tables
    access to tables in the app and in custom workspace for complex tables.
  • investment expert
    an investment expert guides you whenever necessary
  • up to 10 bot signals
    Bot runs every 5 minutes + autoreplay
  • tasks & reporting
    Let the bot guide you
  • requires expertize
    no investment course included
  • real-time historical & asset library
    start learning from the first day
autonomous trading
$98per day billed annually
  • AI bot 6 features +
  • on-boarding
    first consulting with Alex
  • AI bot level 5
    higher accuracy compared to L6
  • up to 20 bot signals
    per monthly each AI signal value $50,000
  • live technical analysis
    the most recent version of the course
  • no profit limit promotion
    no need to buy extra packs, make unlimited profits during your subscription
  • collaborative live streaming
    must-have feature for continous success including collaboration
autonomous trading
$230per day billed annually
  • most popular
    for small investors; AI L1 for professionals
  • AI bot level 3
    higher accuracy compared to L5 and L6
  • no profit limit
    no need to buy extra packs, make unlimited profits during your subscription
  • Alex assistance
  • up to 35 bot signals
    monthly running in real-time
  • $1 million & no losses
    proven track record time-stamped, actual data, certified reviews and live interviews
  • complete investor program
    Courses + AI level 3 + Add-ons - no expertize

Trusted by the world's largest bank & small investors

Some even tracked down the public record for years. No losses. Highest ROI in the industry.

What's AI streaming?

Live trading with the world's best trader using artificial intelligence. You can purchase AI stream or get it free included in AI for professionals.

Which is the most popular service?

AI BOT L3 is the most popular service for non-professionals, while AI L1 is the most popular among all.

App features

There are too many benefits to be mentioned here. See some examples here. Our competitive advantage is not related to "features". Our business is shaping markets history.

How to subscribe?

Open an account, and fill in the online form.

I have a small account

That's wonderful news! You're at home! Listen to the numerous reviews. You cannot find better service in the industry.  Also, take a look at value investing $5 per day

Do you offer a free trial?

Learn more about the free plans. We carried out a unique project teaching and letting everyone know about cryptocurrencies crash calling top and bottom with 100% accuracy.