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Getting started

We all need a little help getting used to a new way of thinking, so if you’d like free pointers follows this guide, or reach us on the support portal anytime!

By default it is assumed that you are a non-professional and nothing is required except compliance with the terms of service and mandatory registration. By default visible prices in the marketplace are for non-professionals.

Pricing differs depending upon your account status, non-professional or professional. To know more refer to terms of service.

As a new member it is strongly recommended that you choose your own login method – complete instructions

1. Add social login to your account

Navigate towards your account details, click on “add more” just below social login accounts. Thereafter, you may login/logout to the site here (keep the URL with you)

2. Login using two factor authentication

If you prefer to login to the site using an username and password, then two factor authentication is required – one time code will be sent to your email address each time you login to the site here (keep the URL with you).

3. Need support?

Registered users may open support tickets on the website, login required, or by registering in the support portal.

4. Always maintain your mobile phone number updated

Otherwise you account will not be approved, or it might cease without prior notification. Mobile phone is required for important notifications. Examples (orders accepted, change of order status, SMS live trading, red hot notifications).

5. Violation of terms of service

Non professionals users are allowed to login to their accounts from their desktop and one mobile device. You are not allowed to share your login with anyone. It is absolutely forbidden the use of VPN’s or any other form of masking IP addresses. Your account will be immediately terminated incurring in legal charges. Contact our support team before travelling.

Legislation in our country requires to know your customer (KYC) to ensure company services are not misused. The KYC procedure is to be completed by the individual or company, while opening accounts and also periodically update the same. For more information, refer to the terms of service.

Use this form to update your profile such as password, email address or mobile phone number. You can test your mobile using this form as well.

you have to be logged in to fill in the form

As a member to stockmarketLIVE.TV, you have unlimited access to free live streaming trading, live webinars and social media trading.

You can upgrade anytime by choosing one of the available plans.

Please contact us for custom solutions.

Unless you’re a professional it is not required to install any software. Currently the company offers apps for professionals only.

For technical assistance it may be necessary to install TeamViewer on your desktop, or mobile device.

  • To experience the best live streaming it is suggested the use of an IPAD on WiFi having access to high speed internet. It is also suggested the use of earphones to avoid disturbing others;
  • It is strongly recommended for beginners to enrol in one of our trading courses before trading in the markets
  • Serious investors should opt for a full immersive program – see live markets premium.
  • The company offers custom solutions for professionals only.

Your first step to successful investing in the stock market

To have access to services for professionals in the marketplace it is required modification of account status. Contact us to change account status to professional.

Change of account status to professional requires several documentation and management approval.