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What Really Matters to Investors

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Getting Started

Live streaming trading

Live markets premium includes live streaming trading twice per week, two hours sessions. You can upgrade anytime at an unbeatable price to full daily sessions using premium add-ons.

How to subscribe

Register for a free account, thereafter place an order here. Make sure you fulfill the technical requirements to attend live streaming trading sessions.


Live markets premium is an immersive program for serious investors lasting for three years.

How to attend live streaming

Live streaming trading is included in the program by default. Refer to these tutorials.


Special bundles

As a full program Live markets premium is a bundle at a very special price. You’ll not get a better ROI elsewhere.

Refunds & cancellation

Refer to the refund policy. Before enrolling test the complimentary Live Blog content available here.

How to pay

This service can be paid by wire transfer on USD or AED.

Recurring transactions

There is not a recurring transaction, unless you renew the service before expiration date.

Transactions & invoices

Login to your account, find the invoice next to the service name listed on your active subscriptions.

Which service do you suggest

It is suggested to start with live markets premium. Later, you may upgrade adding to your subscription premium add-ons.

Legal matters


Live markets premium lasts for three years. If you cancel the service, you will have to pay the remaining due amount immediately.

what did happen to standard

Standard was discontinued since more than 98% of subscribers upgraded to live markets premium.

How much can I expect to make

You’ll have to answer to this question since the information is the same for everyone.

Upgrades and renewals

Please refer to the FAQ section on this topic and others.

Other Questions

Profits & losses

Refer to the existing disclaimer and terms of service.


Please find here a list of available demos on this same page for your guidance.

Professionals vs. non-professionals

Live markets premium includes information which is also good for hedge funds.

Notifications & chat

Notifications, feedback, chat and real time collaboration is available on Yammer which is included.