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Investors find on the Live Blog the world’s best market calls in the history of capital markets. Our Blog offers complimentary access to the most sensitive and unbiased information in the industry.

Live Blog is a complementary service for investors worldwide. You can judge our performance by referring to thousands of markets calls recorded live on video, but also made available on the Blog.

Therein, Vieira a world’s expert on tape reading and forecasting offers insight into share price moves and other financial asset news, dissect analysts’ research notes, live market calls and highlight market-moving events.

NO registration. NO credit cards. NO setup. NO contract. 

Complete program for professional investors including complimentary access to the basic trading course and live streaming trading, twice per week by default.  You can upgrade to daily live streaming anytime!

Live markets premium includes what really matters to serious investor: basic trading course, live streaming trading, premium charts, real time collaboration and premium stock tips and investment strategies.

Use Yammer to receive real time notifications on any device, on live trading, trailing stops, new articles, blog posts, downgrades and upgrades, the ideal program for any part time investor. Have our team working full time for you!





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* Live markets premium (LMP) platinum is the most popular plan. Live markets premium includes premium add-on as daily trading and platinum. To add platinum to your plan it is required an existing live markets premium valid license.