Ethics & Conduct policy

Code of Ethics & Conduct

A company’s identity and image are the result, not only of its financial and economic performance, but also of a series of principles, values, behaviors, and options. Above all, the ethics of an enterprise are the result of the combination of the ethics of its workers, who shall follow a number of rules and behavior principles.

Intuitive Code expects that its collaborators’ behavior follows ethic concerns, without forgetting the impact their decisions, actions, and behaviors have over shareholders, customers, suppliers and the general public.

Ethic concerns are even more significant at this time of new challenges, opportunities, and threats born of a global economy that gets stronger and stronger and the growing importance of info-communication. Therefore, considering the importance of this subject, Intuitive Code administration decided to explain and formalize the ethic principals of the company.

These are the main goals we want to achieve with this document:

Explain clearly the behavior patterns compatible with the principals and valuesIntuitive Code wishes its customers, shareholders, and suppliers to recognize.
Encourage all workers to share its values and principles and to adopt the behavior already referred.
Promote relationships based on trust among allIntuitive Code workers, shareholders, customers and suppliers.


This code of ethics applies to all Intuitive Code collaborators apart from his/her labor condition or hierarchic position. As collaborators, we mean all the members of the board, directors, office staff and other workers.

Violations of this code

Any violation of the conduct rules defined on this code by any collaborator will be analyzed by the administration.

Follow up and omitted cases

The administration is responsible for the implementation and follow up of this code, as well as for the interpretation of the code and enlightenment of doubts or omitted cases.

Final dispositions

This Code of Ethics can be subject of actualizations and corrections in order to adapt it to the future evolution of Intuitive Code and external context, or new legal rules that may be adopted.

Collaborators compromise themselves to rule their behavior by the present Code of Ethics, which defines the following values and conduct rules.

Rules of action

Intuitive Code action must be ruled by strict principles of honesty, integrity, dignity, correction, professionalism, and impartiality, especially in the relationship with customers, suppliers, shareholders, collaborators, authorities, media and the general public. This conduct shall be accomplished through the individual behavior of each collaborator.

Loyalty duty

Collaborators must be loyal to the company and work hard to defend its prestige, credibility and good image in all situations. Collaborators must be impartial and objective in the analysis of all business decisions taken in the name of the firm.

Respecting the law

All collaborators must watch over the strict respect of the laws applicable to the company´s activity. Collaborators should not take any action on behalf of the firm that can violate general law and rules applicable to its activities.

Rules of conduct


All collaborators must act within the strict limits of their responsibility, especially the limits of risk defined by Intuitive Code and the budget goals of the firm. Collaborators shall use the power given to them in a non-abusive way, directed only for the realization of the company´s goals and not to get personal advantages.

Interpersonal relationship

All collaborators must give their contribution to the creation and maintenance of a good work environment, through mutual collaboration and cooperation. They should, therefore, cooperate with each other, not trying to get personal advantages, by implementing their superiors decisions taken according to the firm’s policy or supporting their subordinates in its application.

Improvement & professional merit

Intuitive Code collaborators must try to continuously improve and actualize their knowledge, in order to improve their professional skills and the service. The company shall evaluate their performance based on the merit.

Confidentiality & professional secret

All collaborators are obliged to professional secret especially on subjects which, because of its importance or because of the law, should not be of general knowledge. They shall be reserved and discrete about facts and information, respecting the rules about the confidentiality of information.

Conflicts of interests

When collaborators are called to take part on any decision that directly or indirectly involves organizations with which they work or have worked with or people to whom they are connected by family or affinity ties, they must communicate such a fact to their superiors. Intuitive Code collaborators shall also deny any functions outside the firm every time those activities may threaten their performance, or in organizations whose goals may interfere with company goals.

Illegal activities

Intuitive Code or its collaborators should not take or make any payments or favors to customers or suppliers. They mustn’t try to get advantages over their rivals and must refuse to get commercial information through illegal means. Also, all collaborators shall refuse any offers from or to third people. Offers mustn’t be done personally, but according to the rules established by the company. Received offers, including presents or participation on public events worth more than 100 USD, shall be explained by writing to the administration and shall be refused if its acceptance can show not very clear intentions from the offerer.

Company resources

Intuitive Code resources must be used in an efficient way, in order to accomplish the goals of the firm, and not to achieve personal advantages. Collaborators should also protect and watch over the good preservation of the firm´s patrimony.

Relationship with customers

Collaborators should show high professionalism, respect, and delicacy in the relationship with customers. They should offer the customers efficient attendance service and support, giving all the information they might need on products, services or prices but according to company policy.

Commercial conditions

Sale conditions must be clearly defined in a non-ambiguous way, according to the principle of honesty. The firm and its collaborators must assure the strict accomplishment of the agreed conditions for the quality of the product or service.

Relationship with suppliers

Intuitive Code shall honor compromises with product or service suppliers and verify the suppliers’ accomplishment of the contract. Contracts must be written clearly, without ambiguity or omissions and they must respect the rules of the company about the subject in question. For the selection of product or service suppliers, Intuitive Code shall consider not only the commercial conditions and the quality of the products or services but also the ethic behavior of the product or service supplier. The company must also make its product and service suppliers sensitive for the fulfilling of the ethic principals and values of the firm, especially in what concerns information confidentiality about Intuitive Code and eventual conflict of interests when product and service suppliers work also with st Intuitive Code rivals.

Relationship with rivals

Intuitive Code shall respect the rules of the market and refuse any disloyal competition, by signing a partition deal or fixing the prices and by respecting material and intellectual property rights

Relationship with shareholders

Intuitive Code collaborators shall always behave in order to protect shareholders interests.

Relationship with ruling entities

Intuitive Code shall cooperate with supervision and control authorities, by answering all questions they might ask.

Social media conduct

Social media plays an important role in how we interact with industry thought prospects and customers. Intuitive Code encourages employees, interns, and contractors to engage in social media and online communities, but requires that all employees, interns and contractors follow this policy and ethical guidelines regardless of role.

Key online platforms covered by this Policy include, but are not limited to, blogs, microblogs (e.g., Twitter), online comments, social networks, video sharing websites, photo sharing websites, and podcasts.

We require that employees, interns, and contractors do NOT participate in social media in the following ways:

– Do NOT share confidential or proprietary information. This includes company or financial secrets, confidential or proprietary information shared with Intuitive Code by a third party, pipeline information, unannounced customers, potential or pending acquisitions or investments, and other information not already available in the public domain.
– Do NOT misrepresent yourself or your company, or ask others to do so. Make sure the content you create and the impressions you leave are accurate and honest. Do not leave out relevant information regarding your identity, affiliations with the business, or any other pertinent information. Furthermore, never ask third parties, including customer and partners, to misrepresent themselves or their relationship with Intuitive Code.
– Do NOT lie. Online statements and messages about the business and its products/services must reflect honest opinions, beliefs, recommendations, and/or experiences. Furthermore, you must not omit material information that would change the meaning of a communication. Under no circumstances are deceptive, misleading, and or unsubstantiated claims about the company or a competitor allowed.
– Do NOT make personal attacks or speak negatively about Intuitive Code employees, interns, contractors, customers, potential prospects, or competitors. Incomplete, inaccurate, inappropriate, threatening, harassing or poorly worded postings may be harmful to other employees, interns, and contractors, damage relationships, or undermine Vieira Trading’s efforts to encourage teamwork. Slurs, personal insults, obscenity, rumors, lies, and other offensive language are prohibited.
– Do NOT use the company name in any social media identity (e.g. username, “handle” or screen name) or speak as an official representative of the company. Only official social media accounts managed by the company’s social media team may engage as representatives of the company.

We ask that employees, interns, and contractors DO participate in the following ways:

– DO disclose you are an Intuitive Code employee or work for Intuitive Code, especially if you are creating content related to our industry, and be sure that third‐party social media participants disclose their material connection to Intuitive Code. Our company values honesty and transparency. Use your bio information to disclose your affiliation with Intuitive Code. When commenting (e.g. on a blog post, or in a forum), state your relationship to Intuitive Code. In addition, customers, partners, and other social media participants must disclose their “material connections” to Intuitive Code when working with us in marketing programs. Such “material connections” include but are not limited to: benefits or incentives such as monetary compensation, loaner products, free services, in‐kind gifts, or special access privileges provided by Intuitive Code. All disclosures must be clear and prominent with easily understood and unambiguous language.
– DO disclose whether you are acting as a company representative. When posting your own opinions, comments or content about Intuitive Code, and/or its products or services, you must state that your views do not necessarily represent those of Company.
– DO think before you post. Think about the information you are posting, the channel you are presenting it in,and how it will be perceived. Remember that information posted to social sites “live forever” and can be used out of context.
– DO inform the Social Media team of any potential problems, issues, negative information, or even accolades you may encounter about Intuitive Code. If you run across something that may be of concern or otherwise notable inform the social media team so they may choose to respond accordingly in an official capacity if needed. Also, be sure to direct any media inquiries to the proper Marketing contacts.
– DO ask questions if you are unsure. If you have any questions about what is acceptable and what isn’t, contact the social media team leader.
– This policy is part of Intuitive Code Code of Ethics & Conduct. As such, employees are obligated to be aware of and comply with this policy; failure to do so will result in corrective action possibly including termination of their employment with Intuitive Code.
If you have any questions about this social media policy, please contact us.

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