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What does it include?

Watch the 15 minute video on this page giving real case examples. Stop losing money! Watch the greatest markets calls in history!

Example of a great profit?

There are hundreds of free live calls made available in real time! SolarCity, shares collapsed 50% within two weeks! Twilio, Micron, GoProTwitter, Apple, NvidiaTesla, U.S Steel, Acadia, Newmont Mining, Yelp, Valeant just to name a few.

How may I attend?

Visit our website, 24 hours, no registration necessary! Click on the player to go live. Try it on any mobile device, or web browser.

Why to share it?

The more attendees on the player, higher quality of information you get, including real time guidance.

Streaming quality

The paid version is reliable, smooth, contains live video. The free version may see interruptions, not always HD, different content and objectives.

Can I view Vieira on free live streaming?

Certainly, and no need to upgrade if you do not want to! Here you have an example on Tesla and Apple discussed on complimentary live streaming thereafter published to the Live Blog

Repeated live calls

We often repeat live market calls which were made available in complimentary and paid services given its very high value long term. We’re not dedicated to day trading, or scalping which is for idiots. See an example here.

Do I get trading lessons?

You get trading lessons as well as live commentary which might then be repeated during the same session, or different sessions. We focus on long term investment strategies.

Where to find free live stock charts?

Refer to existing articles on the Live Blog often made available in real time – see an example here. We also have a section dedicated to live charts discussing all sort of financial instruments stocks, ETF’s, oil, gold, Forex, etc.

Which other live resources do you offer for traders'?

Besides our Live Blog, Live streaming, live charts, it is strongly recommend to attend free and paid webinars of great value to those with small accounts.