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Helping very small investors to succeed

the final nail in the coffin to any competitor

A true global leader in live trading brings to small investors the bull and the bear! Open a free account. Choose between the standard, high-performance and trading 101.

We create history, therefore we dislike stock gurus, pundits, and fraudulent advisors. The only one proving it live on the tape light years ahead of any other market participants. Prepare yourself for a career in trading by joining our Trading 101 for small investors.

The crowd is bound to lose money in the markets having access to very delayed, manipulated and biased information delivered my major networks as CNBC.

Bull & Bear is about Focus, Simplicity, Affordability, Knowledge, empowering small investors with the mandatory tools and resources to maintain in-house total control over their investment decisions. Compare us to the competition. We've been creating markets history for thirty years.




compare our historical stellar performance to competitors.

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No bullshit - the truth

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Unanimous reviews: ROI in days!

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  • standard features
    accounts less than $25,000
  • Maximum three stocks
    minimum of two, maximum of three
  • No indicative price target
  • Charts not included by default
    ocasionally one may be added as bonus for short term guidance
  • Basic guidance & notifications on site
    log into the site to know about modifications
  • No autonomous trading app
    no add-on available
  • No tables for trading
    up to one month history, upgrade to get tables
  • Standard support - less than 48 hours
  • Mini course video
  • Requires trading expertise
  • Payment by Paypal only
    add 3.5% for Paypal commission
  • All standard features plus
    accounts less than $45,000
  • Maximum five stocks
    minimum of three, maximum of five
  • Basic tables for trading
    upgrade to get more on autonomous trading
  • Charts with main trend lines
    stock pivots excluded; detailed charts only in autonomous trading, or live technical analysis
  • No live trading except in app
    Install the app to get real-time information
  • Premium guidance & notifications on site
    log into the site to know about modifications
  • Autonomous trading app add-on optional
    purchase a license for AT app add-on for a very small fee
  • Premium support - less than 24 hours
  • Payment by wire transfer only
  • High-performance + course + app
    accounts less than $150,000
  • No trading expertise
  • Autonomous trading app
    collaboration and notifications new content
  • New traders course
    explaining stocks discused in the service giving tips and solutions to common mistakes. Part of the coming new trading course
  • Complete trading methodology
    attend our basic trading course and the new coming version!
  • App real-time trading
    entry; exit; trailing stops
  • Live trading lessons
    with the world's best traders including full instructions of actual value
  • Premium support - real-time on app
  • Best value for small investors
    Final price of the service will likely double once the new course is complete.

What very small investors are saying

World's best stock performers

compare to competition - Fortune paid marketing 

Investing in hidden gems

compare to competition - Citron Research a SCAM 

Do you have a full demo?

Open a free account and play with it for free now! Full demo including actual data!

How to know more about each feature?

Mouseover features on pricing table to know more. Register and try it for free now!

How can I upgrade?

Upgrade within 5 days from standard to high-performance without incurring extra charges. Upgrade from high-performance to Trading 101 and get 10% off within the first three months. Special offers cannot be accumulated.

Can I renew a monthly subscription?

Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed. If you decide to cancel it or stop the auto-renewal, you will not be able to sign up again since there are more people interested in the service.

How do I install autonomous trading app?

AT app is an add-on to B&B standard and B&B HP included by default in T101. Subscribers to previous versions must upgrade their licenses before purchasing AT app license.

Where do I find autonomous trading?

Please refer to artificially intelligent autonomous trading pricing plans here. Watch the case study comparing us to the competition.