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Artificial Intelligence for small investors

The final nail in the coffin to other market participants

The only company offering the real value of artificial intelligence to small investors. Achieve up to 6,300% higher ROI compared to any competitor - based on actual data and reviews.

Would you like to trade in the markets with an accuracy close to 100%? We have shown it thousands of times live on the tape. Let AI choose your portfolio, assigning real-time information as stock ratings, entry, exit, reversals, commentary, targets, etc

The crowd is bound to lose money in the markets having access to very delayed, manipulated and biased information disseminated in the media. Using AI, you never have to say that you lost again!

Experience the power of artificial intelligence for small investors enrolling in our most popular program - artificial intelligence. It includes a mobile app, live investment course, AI portfolio management, live trading and much more.

+50 features empowering artificially intelligent investors

including free access to the autonomous trading app



AI chooses the portfolio helping one to profit from both sides of the market. Real-time historical time-stamped notifications in the app. Entry, exit, price targets, trailing stops, etc

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AI delivers stellar results focused on mid-to-long term investment. Refer to Netflix bull 6,300% ROI or Chesapeake bearish analysis resulting into a 95% crash!

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Trade analysis

The artificially intelligent algorithm performs real-time analysis often achieving a stellar 100% accuracy. No human or other market participants can do this.

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Price analysis

Install the app on any device to get real-time notifications. Export AI app transactions into your brokers' app placing orders immediately for maximum ROI.

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Risk analysis

It is a proven mathematical fact corroborated by reviews, public track record, that our services based on AI do not report any substantial loss compared to everyone else in the industry.

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Stock analysis

Investors don't have to perform any analysis on their own. We do it all including real-time coaching, live market analysis, investment lessons, stock charts, and much more available in the app.

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Select analysis

AI scans the entire U.S and emerging markets finding the best opportunities based on a proven methodology which has delivered stellar results for thirty years across any market sector and financial instrument.

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Pivot analysis

Defining stock pivot in real-time offering to investors the holy grail of successful investment. The best entry prices and highly accurate artificially intelligent price targets. We're far light years ahead predicting buyouts!

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stellar results compared to everything else

$1 Million Dollars Daily

Don't believe it is possible to make $1 million daily in one stock? We can prove it thousands of times whenever necessary in the most complex stocks as Tesla where everyone else fails.

Find these trade alerts in the app along with the real-time stamped trading historical record. You just need the capital to start with! Strongly recommended reading here

Absolutely amazing!

compare to competition - Ferrari to crash: 

our objective analysis - Alex Vieira Invest in Ferrari 

The hard naked truth!

compare to competition - Jim Cramer down 23% overnight 

our objective analysis - Alex Vieira short Lululemon 

Unanimous Reviews since 1985

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standard slack *
$540per month billed annually
  • New version + APP
    accounts less than $25,000
  • Manual portfolio for trading
    no artificial intelligence
  • One stock
    number of stocks and no AI price targets
  • Running 100% in the app
    no need to login to website
  • Static stock charts
    Live stock charts available in autonomous trading plans
  • Notifications in the app
    New version includes autonomous trading app
  • Autonomous trading app 1-channel
    install it on any device; live commentary and support in the APP. Max. 15 participants per channel for high-quality standards
  • Max. 60 bot transactions monthly
    Bot runs every 5 minutes + autoreplay
  • Bot runs every 5 minutes + autoreplay
    maximum 75 bot transactions per month
  • Full trading history time-stamped
    available audit trail for proof of transaction
  • Standard support
    Support portal & APP
  • Getting started
    one-hour on video
  • Requires investing experience
    no investors course
  • One year free updates
    new versions included
  • Limited profit
    All plans for small investors have a limited profit level unlike plans for professionals.
standard slack *
$1,325per month billed annually
  • Trader + Bot L5
    accounts less than $45,000
  • Manual portfolio for investors
    No AI, minimum of two stocks, maximum four
  • Maximum four stocks
    No AI, minimum of two, maximum four stocks
  • New version includes Bot L5
    upgrade to get artificial intelligence
  • Mini-course on video
    four-hours on video
  • Artifially intelligent stock ratings
    reliable unlike the rest of the industry
  • Bot tasks & reporting
    Let the bot guide you
  • New file browser & available downloads
    browse invaluable lessons and download them!
  • Max. 100 bot transactions monthly
    Bot runs every 5 minutes + autoreplay
  • Static basic tables
    upgrade to get advanved tables in the app
v7 + live data + AI level 3 *
Call usrequest a quote
  • Live + Course + AI level 3 + Add-ons
    accounts between $80,000 and less than $500,000
  • AI portfolio max. 8 stocks
    Artificially intelligent portfolio, minimum 5 stocks, maximum 8
  • Most popular for non-professionals
    the best seller for small investors
  • One million dollars monthly & no losses
    proven track record time-stamped, actual data, certified reviews and live interviews
  • No investing experience
    includes investors course and live coaching
  • BONUS Wall Street buyout stock pick
    Corroborated by famous Wall Street research report confirming the potential profit up to $150 million
  • Artificial intelligence level 3
    AI level 3 average accuracy up to 85%, whereas AI Level 1 up to 100%
  • Live investment course
    a must-have tool for any serious investor
  • Artificially intelligent price targets
    reliable, up to 900% higher ROI compared to high-performance
  • Complete investing methodology
    Algorithms and simple techniques to achieve maximum consistent ROI
  • AI algo L3 runs in real-time
    worse case scenario 5 minutes
  • Max. 150 algo transactions per month
    for more upgrade to autonomous trading plans
  • Live trading lessons
    with the world's best traders including full video instructions, quizzes and PDF's
  • Expert investors support
    Highest quality free consultation. Call us from the app, or engage in a private live chat session with true expert unlike the rest of the industry.
  • Screen sharing & live collaboration
    Highest quality free consultation. Experience live screen sharing & multi participants live collaboration in your channel.
  • Intelligent investment reporting
    Answer to the bot questions and get weekly expert feedback from our team.
  • Vieira's live market commentary on video
    available on the APP intraday
  • Available upgrades & add-ons
    experience the full power of artificial intelligence level 1
  • Add-on artificially intelligent live workspace
    get your own artificially intelligent live workspace, live portfolios, stock prices, risk analysis, live audio & live streaming
  • Add-on artifially intelligent live tables
    includes an additional channel for artificially intelligent live tables on slack
  • Add-on artifically intelligent risk analysis
    a must have for earnings calls and successful investment
  • Add-on live charts & AI stock pivots
    absolutely crazy stuff unique in the industry!
  • Add-on artificially intelligent position sizing
    one-to-one live account management including block trades. Make $1 million dollars daily based on actual data!
  • Add-on live AI Level 1 streaming
    most popular add-on, Vieira live delivers LEVEL 1 AI streaming to any device, DVR included
  • Add-on pack 150 algo transactions
    get more AI alerts as your profit zooms to unprecendent levels!

What very small investors are saying

No losses since inception. Complete track record time-stamped

Netflix 6,300% ROI

compare to competition - Fortune paid marketing 

Investing in hidden gems

compare to competition - Citron Research a SCAM 

What's a bot transaction?

A transaction corresponds to one bot or AI algorithm notification posted to the app. AI algorithm notifications, only available in AI, are marked as AI-L3, to differentiate from standard bot notifications, markets as Bot-L5.

What's the autonomous trading app?

It's a mobile app based on the slack platform which you can install anywhere. Depending on your service features will populate the app. Learn about the artificially intelligent investor advisor app here.

I wish to upgrade my subscription and software version

Upgrade at any moment by paying the difference between plans. Special offers cannot be accumulated. New software versions are included for free for one year for all subscriptions starting after October, 25th 2017

Please explain Bot vs. Algo L3 vs L1

AI Level 3 is only available in AI 101. AL Level 3 average accuracy up to 85% while AI Level 1 up to 100%. A bot triggers automated actions based on an input, while AI L3 and L1 trade signals result from our core AI algorithm.

How to subscribe?

Start by opening a free account. Choose a standard or custom plan. Contact a sales consultant to subscribe to a standard plan or ask for an investor consultant if you wish to order a custom plan.

Can I try it for free?

We're working on a special program for investors to see how does the app work. You're invited to create a free account. You will be the first to be notified. For the moment, we offer $5 per day plan.

What's an AI add-on or module?

You have access to the standard AI plan and optionally you may wish to add available modules to your own license according to your objectives. To subscribe to add-on or modules it is required one AI license.

What's the price for artificially intelligent investing?

We offer standard and custom solutions. The price depends on what you are looking for and your actual conditions. Please contact a consultant for assistance defining an investment plan.