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no predictions; we create history 

No Ads. No bullshit. Mathematical evidence.

The only blog for serious investors maintaining a consistent workflow, and proven track record discussing the complete investment process since IPO.

Get access to the world’s best live markets calls, accurate stock ratings, markets commentary, ahead earnings calls, trading lessons, live stock charts and price targets.

Everything it is done in real time! Unlike others, we demonstrate consistency offering high net value to investors.

In the Live Blog it is discussed stocks, gold, oil, commodities, indices, bitcoin, emerging markets and futures.

Therein, get access to the best trading and investment strategies across different market sectors. We’ve the best historical track record for almost three decades. Stop losing money now!

Our Blog articles move stocks! Watch for yourself. Therein, find the world’s best portfolio for investors, bulls and bears. 

The majority of individuals and companies offering advise are either incompetent, fraudulent, lack talent, charge unbelievable fees and no track record. In the past 27 years, I’ve never been involved in a scandal, no one has ever accused me of lack of talent, complained about fees, and much less lousy performance. The reason is that I am the only one proving it live on the tape therefore before evidence, no one can make wrong claims


Stop losing money today!

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What does it include?

Markets commentary and analysis, stock ratings, trade alerts, stock charts, stocks tips, trading strategies, financial instruments and much more!

How many articles?

Near two thousand articles and market calls recorded live on video. We guarantee there’s nothing compared to it!

Is it complimentary?

Absolutely! Visit FREE stock picks category! Watch an example on how to become a millionaire investing in Apple. Everything we do, it is done in real time.

What else do you offer?

We also offer complimentary live streaming trading, live stock tweets, the best live charts on the web and a trading course which you can partially take for free.

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