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Unbelievable! Wall Street Best Advisor Forecast GoDaddy Better than Investing in SnapChat is Here!

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We know! No one believed that GoDaddy (GDDY) could outperform Snapchat when analysts initiated GoDaddy coverage as Market Perform versus Snapchat Strong Buy on IPO.  But, also no one believed that Best Buy (BBY) could outperform Apple and AI has proven them to be all wrong about the markets.

Intuitive Code AI Upgrades Apple to Strong Buy Raises Netflix Target

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Intuitive Code AI Fund acquired an investment position in Apple using the recent market crash. Apple is a profitable global leading company and one the best companies to invest in long-term. 

AI Investment Fund Makes Hundreds of Millions investing in Twitter since IPO

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AI Investment Fund Picks up Twitter as Best Stocks to Invest in 2018. The most prominent investors and funds changed their bearish thesis on Twitter since Alex Vieira called a long-term bottom on shares. He was the first and only investor worldwide predicting the Twitter stock crash. 

Netflix Investor Legend Forecast Warren Buffett Losing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Investing in Apple

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Netflix Investor Legend since $6 Urges Sell Apple to Buy Netflix Ahead of Earnings. Apple is not the stock that you would like to buy today since prominent long-term investors bailed out. Learn how artificial intelligence uses Warren Buffett in one of the greatest investment articles of this century

Intuitive Code AI Downgrades WYNN Resorts to Strong Sell

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WYNN Resorts a former core long-term investment position deserved multiple Strong Buy ratings announced on the Blog during the past years. Intuitive Code AI downgraded WYNN Resorts to neutral as its share price rallied to $180 in 2017. By seeing WYNN Resorts share price continuing rallying to $200 on Wall Street upgrades the research team downgraded shares to Strong Sell. 

Legendary AI Algorithm Starts Selling Stocks as Market Indices Soar in 2018

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Market legend and advisor has been using this AI algorithm. Those who started buying stocks in March 2009 have started selling them on strength as indices roar to new all-time highs in 2018. The NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P 500 are presently flying. EVIDENT, the artificially intelligent algorithm that forecasted cryptocurrencies crash is starting to flash red flags in the U.S stock market.

Investors Applaud Most Rational Stock Market Ever

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Unlike what the common ignorant may believe we are before the most rational stock market conditions ever since the Great Depression. Finally, investors comprehend the concept of long-term value rotating capital into the best stocks to invest in ever as Netflix. Instead of holding onto an investment position in Apple which has seen its share price flat for months, prominent investors opted-in for following the output of the artificially intelligent algorithm buying more Netflix shares ahead of today's blowout earnings announcement.

Intuitive Code Downgrades Boeing to Neutral $352

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Boeing has been one of the most profitable long-term investments in the stock market - a major core free investment position - however as American investors return to the stock market at new all-time highs in 2018, Intuitive Code is no longer interested in maintaining an investment position downgrading Boeing shares to neutral as of today's closing price $352.

Vieira Says Roku is a Bubble. Hedge Funds Bet on Roku Crash

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Roku is a bubble stock. Ten times more expensive than Tesla! Undoubtedly one of the best selling short opportunities in the past two decades! Roku valuation is outrageous, so ridiculous that every day short sellers make an exorbitant profit! Intuitive Code downgraded Roku to junk at a price of $58.7. It's your time to sell short Roku shares. Place your market order, wake up a multi-millionaire. Meanwhile, install the free app. 

Best Wall Street Advisor Raises Intuitive Surgical Price Target for 2018

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Stock market legend sees Intuitive Surgical is one of the best companies to invest in for long-term investors. Intuitive Code reiterated a Strong Buy rating on Intuitive Surgical on Christmas at a price of $360 ahead of earnings report. Throughout the years Vieira has warned for criminals as Citron Research calling a crash on shares.