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I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit - hopefully you can find in my ideas and articles useful information. I started in the markets investing in Intuitive Surgical many years ago by following Vieira's guidance later on becoming a contributor 

Goldman Sachs Downgrade Avis to Sell is a Strong Buy!

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Goldman Sachs downgraded Avis to Sell ahead of earnings report to $33. Investors relying on artificial intelligence saw this downgrade as an opportunity to cover short positions buying shares. 

Visionary Who Announced Crypto Markets Crash Makes Uncanny Forecast Bitcoin Soars 86%

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The price of Bitcoin soared to $11,200 today after the crypto legendary investor Alex Vieira urged investors to buy back the cryptocurrency at $6000 using the famous AI algorithm, EVIDENT, which predicted a crash in the crypto markets. 

AI Algorithm Calls Stock Markets Best Week in 6 years Billion Dollar Profit

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World shares were set for their best week of gains in six years on Friday after two consecutive weeks in the red, shrugging off a rise in global borrowing costs while the dollar hit its lowest since 2014. The tech sector in the United States soared to $166 on Friday confirming the AI algorithm profitability projection - AI Algorithm Billion Dollar Profit ETF PowerShares QQQ  

Market Legend Raises Nvidia Price Target for 2018

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Market Legend Raises Nvidia Price Target for 2018. We have been long-term investors in Nvidia (NVDA) since $12.65. Intuitive Code AI raised Nvidia target price in late 2017 urging investors to buy more shares at $185 dumping cryptocurrencies at bubble prices.  

AI Algorithm that Predicted $4 Trillion Loss in the Markets Turns Bullish

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Invest in the capital markets using artificial intelligence (AI) at Intuitive Code AI with a market legend. You can use AI to accurately predict the most profitable moves in any financial instrument from stocks to cryptocurrencies.  The AI algorithm informs investors in real-time when to buy, sell, go short or cover their short positions. Nothing else is required! It is called Autonomous Trading.

Alex Vieira AI Fund Sells Facebook long-term investment at $195

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Facebook has been a long-term core investment position in the U.S stock market since the company upgraded shares to Strong Buy below $20 naming Facebook the best company to invest in the social media sector worldwide. AI Algorithm Predicts World Markets Crash $4 Trillion Loss in 8 Days 

Renowned Investor Uses Artificial Intelligence to Sell Sociedad Minera del Chile SQM

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Bank of China Elected Best Investment Advisor for Chinese Stocks, Wall Street Best Forex Advisor, Wall Street Chooses Investment Advisor Star of the Decade and Wall Street Elected Best Biotech Investment Star Advisor of the Decade, is the man behind the amazing rally on SOCIEDAD QUIMICA Y MINERA S.A in 2017. Alex Vieira AI Fund announced that it is no longer an investor in Sociedad Minera del Chile SQM selling shares at $63. He started selling shares near $64 in 2017. He decided to sell its stake to doubling short positions in Cryptocurrencies ahead of the worst crash ever to happen in the crypto markets.  He is also very bearish crypto related stocks urging investors to acquire the largest short positions in the capital markets since the dot.com bubble.  

World's Best Forex Trader Releases Forex Free APP. Euro Soars to New Highs in 2018

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Invest in the Forex market with a market legend. Central banks algorithm trading. Install the free app on any device. Get the most accurate and profitable Forex trading signals. Currency pair Euro/US Dollar. Charts. Artificially intelligent Forex trade signals. Real-time forex trading, trailing stops, forecasts, live commentary and technical analysis. Stop losing money gambling! Invest in credibility and consistent results. 30 years proven track record. We create markets history and we prove it!

Best FREE APP to Invest in Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. Ethereum. Ripple

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Let artificial intelligence manage your cryptocurrencies portfolio. Watch it in real-time! Install the free app on any device. Cryptocurrency live trading. Bitcoin. Monero. Ethereum. Tron. Ripple. Charts, artificially intelligent trade signals, real-time trailing stops, cryptocurrencies ratings and much more. Stop losing money gambling. Invest in credibility and consistent results. We create cryptocurrencies history and we prove it!

Vieira Buy Priceline Clear Outperformer for 2018

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Vieira who last year forecasted Priceline crash downgrading to Strong Sell at $2065,  said to investors worldwide Priceline will outperform in 2018 upgrading shares to Strong Buy at a price of $1618 in the final quarter of 2017. Refer to the real-time Priceline investment chart for small and professionals worth millions of dollars available in this article.