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Slack Meets Artificial Intelligence

start collaborating with the world's best in real-time

The only company offering the real value of artificial intelligence to any investor. Achieve up to 6,300% higher ROI compared to any competitor – based on actual data and reviews.

Would you like to invest in the markets with an accuracy close to 100% receiving continuous artificially intelligent real-time guidance? Let our algorithm choose your portfolio, guide your long-term investment including credible stock ratings, entry, exit, earnings, risk analysis and price targets.

The crowd is bound to lose money in the markets having access to very delayed, manipulated and biased information disseminated in the media. Using AI, you never have to say that you lost again!

Experience the power of artificial intelligence. Invest in stocks, ETF’s, gold, oil, and Forex. Install the autonomous trading app on any device. It includes more than 50 features, live investment course, AI portfolio management, live trading and much more integrated into one single platform.

+50 features empowering artificially intelligent investors

Tasks & assignments

Let the bot choose the right tasks and assignments helping you to become more disciplined and focused on what really matters driving your performance beyond your imagination.

Tasks and assignments orientated towards investors education. Examples: hot stocks to watch in your portfolio, or multi-million profitable earnings call.

Highly accurate daytrading

Don’t believe in the possibility of making $1 million daily? We have demonstrated it thousands of times even in the most complex stocks as Tesla where everyone else fails.

Find these trade alerts in the app along with the real-time stamped trading historical record. You just need the capital to start with! Strongly recommended reading here

Live search & expert support

In the app, investors have fast and smooth access to, resources and tools being continuously updated.

Use live search to find exactly what you’re looking for. A reusable invaluable library of assets including images, charts, PDF, video, live commentary, trading history time-stamped, AI bot transactions, webinars and expert trading support.

To each channel, it is assigned an investment advisor expert, available 24×7. To maintain the highest standards of excellence each channel is limited to fifteen investors.

Live price targets 100% accurate

Do you need to know exactly when to take profits in an investment position before it plunges? The artificially intelligent bot announces it in real-time. The alert rings in the app, then place your order while logged in to your brokers’ app releasing a return on investment equivalent to 1,660% – based on facts.

Furthermore, investors find in the app, live commentary available on video in real-time, with the world’s best traders revealing tips and strategies to beat everyone’s else in the markets.

Multi-million profit earnings call

Maximize your return on investment while reducing your risk using artificial intelligence. Receive clear instructions ahead of earnings on what to do to make a multi-million dollar profit overnight!

This case study is based on actual data profiting from the crash in Restoration Hardware (RH) $80 down to $45 ahead of earnings. As soon as artificial intelligence triggered a signal closing short positions, ahead of earnings, RH share price zoomed 45% overnight.

Several professional investors made more than $9 million dollars in less than a couple of months!

Artificial intelligence 100% accuracy

Invest in the most complex stocks with 100% proven accuracy. Profit on the long and short side regardless of Wall Street estimates and forecasts. Artificial intelligence offers to investors what no other human can ever do!

Find these trade alerts in the app along with the real-time stamped trading historical record. You just need the capital to start with! Strongly recommended reading here

Who is using it?

Trusted by the world’s largest bank & small investors. Gartner chose this social platform as a market leader.

Professional investors are well served using a platform which value has been recognized by firms as Morgan Stanley, RBC, Deutsche Bank, Dow Jones, Goldman Sachs and many others.

We are continuously developing the platform adding critical features improving investors experience.

Real-time charts and artificially intelligent analysis in the app. Live stock prices for your portfolio, a brand new user interface, and a private investor portal.

powered by artificial intelligence

available anywhere. simple to use

Artificial intelligence + world's best trader live analysis

stellar performance vs. any market pro

Long-term vision

compare to competition – Einhorn Short Amazon 

our objective analysis – I’m buying Amazon 

Best historical trades!

Most powerful algorithm ever!

compare to competition – Goldman Sachs Sell Tesla Rating for years 

Coaching long-term investors

compare to competition – Gurus & pundits wrong for years 

our live market analysis – Greatest Investment Lessons in Modern History

Invest in Tesla and Ferrari

Which solution do you recommend to start with?

Our most popular service is artificial intelligence. Small investors can subscribe to AI level 3, while professionals can get access to artificial intelligence level 1.

Do you have solutions for small investors

Absolutely, listen to the reviews and online interviews with very small investors. We’ve been in the industry for thirty years. Register for a free trial.

What's automated trading for small investors?

Currently, this is all it can be offered to small investors – 100% accuracy in the most complex stocks worldwide. You still need to place your trades in your brokers’ app.

Is the free and paid app the same?

No, they are rather different, but you can try the free app by creating a free account.

Is the app easy to use?

Quite frankly it is ridiculously easy to use and affordable. We also offer free training for autonomous trading app users.

How do I install the app?

The first step is to create a free account. Thereafter, you can try the free app.