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We develop the world’s most advanced artificial intelligent algorithm utilized in the capital markets. The project started in 1989, Perelman’s algorithm, the most advanced to date in tribute to the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman, Fields medal. Compare our proven 30 years track record to any other market participant.

The output of our research is recorded, disseminated and shared in real-time using our software platform. We make the world’s best market calls across all financial instruments proving it live on the tape.

Vieira is one of the most important contributors to charity projects worldwide using the markets as a resource to help others.

in-house research, algorithm & software development for the financial markets.

world’s best live trading, coaching, traders’ tools and live market analysis on any device

A wide range of services for private investors and financial institutions. From live markets analysis, research to autonomous trading.

Investors’ tools as trading courses, live charts, live streaming & autonomous trading solutions available anywhere.

A passionate team dedicated to its mission

since 1989

installations since 1989
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Machine Learning
Master’s Mechanical Engineering

Vieira is married and is the father of two. He gives the face for the company. He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology. He declined an invitation to carry out a Ph.D. in wave analysis at the Imperial College of London and Oxford. He developed a personal interest in the markets at the young age of fourteen, and later on created a proprietary methodology to invest in the markets. Vieira became a world expert in Level 2 tape reading, in the field of pattern recognition, a branch of machine learning, learning it on his own for the past twenty-seven years. He continues reading markets action live sharing and recording his personal opinion with anyone interested in predictive analysis. Many of his complimentary uncanny live market calls are available to investors worldwide on the web.

After years of research the team finished in 2015, the most advanced project to date in the financial markets naming it, Perelman trading algorithm, in tribute to the Russian Grigori Perelman, one of the greatest mathematicians ever, still alive but unknown to the public.


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Engineering degree


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Master’s engineering


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Ph.D Artificial intelligence


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Engineer, poet & philanthropist


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Data mining


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Ph.D Mathematics & Law


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Economics & Arts


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Behavioral research
Master’s Economics & Medicine

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