Tesla Investors Lose All Their Money Reading Forbes

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Investors have been scammed by the media telling them dream stories about Apple buying Tesla for $520. The market legend urges serious investors to sell Tesla on the news going short the bubble!

Saxo Bank Fraudulent Market Predictions Apple to Buy Tesla

Watch a market legend selling Tesla on the day it rallied to $380 acquiring a massive short position. Autonomous AI Trading former Tesla bull started investing in Tesla at $36. Not even the insane Warren Buffett is buying Tesla. The only buyers are delusional investors believing in fake news.

Not even Elon Musk believes in Nomura and Saxo Bank fraudulent Tesla forecasts. Why would you gamble?

Revolutionary Autonomous AI Trading Robot Comparing Tesla to Cryptocurrencies Ponzi Delivers Billion Profit to Investors

Now, learn how traders using Autonomous AI Trading are seeing Profits Soaring Twenty-fold from $255,000 to $6 Million in Just Four Months!

Louis Rosenthal

Louis Rosenthal

I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit - hopefully you can find in my ideas and articles useful information. I started in the markets investing in Intuitive Surgical many years ago by following Vieira's guidance later on becoming a contributor 

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