I am going to start by referring to the best article in the investment industry in the past one hundred years.

Investors should continue expecting Wall Street crooks and criminals to remain more active than ever desperately trying to cut their losses in the markets.

If you ever lost money in the markets here’s the solution from the greatest minds of all time.

Absurd Valuations Inevitable Crash

The crash of bubble stocks is inevitable. Investors should acquire the largest short positions since the Dot.com Bubble – the bubble might not come back ever! The irrational exuberance is dramatic – gamblers are going to lose everything while the world’s greatest minds are richer than ever before selling to ignorants at lofty valuations ahead of the markets to crash!

The Stock Market Crash is Inevitable! I’m Selling Everything Going Short

There are endless opportunities in the financial markets going into 2019. Investors should use stocks, Forex, ETF’s, cryptocurrencies and oil to obtain the maximum return on investment.

You can get the best ideas to invest in the markets here

What to Expect from the Stock Market in 2019?

Investors should disregard the dangerous opinion of the most corrupt investment firms in the world as Goldman Sachs and idiots looking for suckers to sell to as the Oracle of Wall Street losing more money than ever before!

What to expect from the markets in 2019

Our advice is that you start investing in yourself, learning about you and the wonderful world we all live in, taking advantage of your life while God wishes instead of becoming a sheep follower for the benefit of a few.

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