AI Tech Fund Buys 2 Million Micron shares

We got rid of overbought and hyped stocks as Tesla raising a large amount of cash to invest in value investing buying a large stake in Micron after dumping them on retail investors at new all-time highs for the benefit of our dear subscribers as reported in the Live Blog.

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We are very pleased with Americans selling the best companies in the world at rock bottom prices to us. You should continue doing so ahead of the best rally in the decade. Lululemon investors know what I am talking about.


According to the most recent artificial intelligent data report Micron is likely to announce a blowout quarter. You should start covering your short positions now with heavy losses.


Micron share price does not stop soaring on the news!

Invest in Micron long-term trend according to the investment principles discussed in the course on Live Technical Analysis included in programs as BOT 10, AI Trading BOT 5 and AI Trading BOT 3 for small investors.



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