Billionaire Buys Massive Stake in Facebook

I did not buy Facebook when Vieira announced in real-time that he was closing his short position near $150 which ended up to be Facebook bottom.

I am not an investor looking for entering an investment at a bottom. I prefer the “no risk” concept which implies that an investor often buys shares at a higher price.

Therefore, what I did was to apply the investing techniques available in the course Live Technical Analysis and the Investors’ Course, the latter includes algorithms for almost every since scenario in the financial markets.

Algorithm Trading Trusted by the World’s Largest Bank and Billionaires

So, I bought Facebook at $155 also using one of the AI BOT trading signals available in any AI plan. Meanwhile, I am pleased

  1. with the fact that Facebook share price surged to $168 today on the exchange which short sellers covering at massive losses.
  2. I helped Facebook investors and new subscribers looking for our help to recover entirely their losses.
  3. I won an iPhone 8 Red Edition. Hopefully, you too.