UAE Artificial Intelligence Invest in Deere Forecasting GAMESTOP Crash $DE $GME

UAE Artificial Intelligence Invest in Deere Forecasting GAMESTOP Crash $DE $GME

I am pretty sure Warren Buffett has helped many investors during his career, but none of them replied to our most recent article confirming a double-digit profit. On the other hand, here we have been referring to FOUR DIGIT ROI, a figure these idiots have never experienced and never will - RIP.

I strongly recommend reading this article referring to facts.  As of yesterday Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan reversed his opinion on BitCoin, i.e. J.P Morgan may start offering BitCoin soon. When you're wrong about it by more than 8,000% it is better to change late than never!

Today, we're discussing GAMESTOP (GME) and DEERE (DE) on live streaming for those interested in the markets.

It's a great investment lesson as reported in our blog referring to DEERE as a long-term investing opportunity - by the way totally free for the savvy investor.

There are so many articles on the Blog reiterating Strong Buy in Deere (DE) that it is really amazing how one investor claiming to be a professional does not have an investment position. I have not seen yet any downgrading to Strong Sell except by Wall Street crooks


Furthermore, our values and culture is rather different comparing to others whose main goal is to appear on TV claiming things they have never been right about. On the contrary, one investing using artificial intelligence does not have emotions. We have no issues helping all of them making money as stated in this article.

Concerning GAMESTOP, this history is rather different - one of the best long-term selling short opportunities in the U.S stock market as properly addressed in due time when Wall Street had outperform and overweight ratings.


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Sergio Vieira
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