Warren Buffett Investment Advice is Useless and Dangerous

Warren Buffett Investment Advice is Useless and Dangerous

A long time ago I was told to listen to Warren Buffett investment advice, but since I do not subscribe to Warren Buffett investment newsletter, I was left with his live appearances on TV. Well, truth to be said, I could never make any money out of the Oracle visions, on the contrary, if I had ever listened to him today I would be selling hotdogs to stupid Americans, or working for crooks at McDonald’s. Instead, earlier on I figured out there is nothing of value to learn from Wall Street oracles as Buffett or Jim Chanos – the real money is made investing against the crooks.

One of the things I found rather strange about all these professional crooks was the fact they never made a profitable forecast live, instead, their opinion was kind of raising doubts and uncertainty among investors – one of the tactics used by professional scammers.

When you address serious investors you have to tell them the truth regardless of whether they like or not instead of deceiving them. The stupid crowd prefers the opposite, they believe in miracles and oracles.

The crook sings and dances while the euphoric crowd jerks off in applause. They do not know it yet, but they are zombies as I learned with Sun Tzu


On the other hand, it takes courage and determination, to tell the truth before investors, often repeating the same hundreds of times until the ignorant finally accepts that he was deceived the greatest crooks in markets history.

An example of courage and determination is given by the multiple reiterations to Strong Buy in companies as Amazon, WYNN Resorts, nVIDIA, Boeing, Alibaba, Ferrari, Intuitive Surgical or Take-Two Interactive – companies unknown to these crooks used to invest in drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

For example, have you ever heard that Buffett invested in Amazon, nVIDIA or Alibaba? of course not. For him, these companies are like BitCoin. All he knows about is trains and where is the nearest McDonald’s.

I make my appearance, I teach people and I am rarely wrong about it. I give my face, I make a clear recommendation and then investors are going rich. Crooks don’t it. Moreover, I have not been in the markets for forty years investing in hamburgers, instead, I have been in the markets for thirty years investing in stocks, gold, oil, forex and so on.

The crook focus in a specific arena, one he is very familiar with, and if some reason he tries to invest in something different the end result is the joke of the decade.


What’s the best thing to do when you are before a professional crook or even a terrorist (some of them carry Nobel prizes) – to tell investors the truth about it – if thereafter they do not listen to, they will learn the lesson the hard way. Meanwhile, you make some enemies which is excellent since another belief cultivated by the crowd is that to make enemies is bad for business.

Well, I do not sell books, make money out of conference calls, Hollywood movies or insider games, therefore it does not work for me – I do not need it unlike the crook fully dependent on the quality of his games.

Therefore, when they are screaming that stocks are overvalued about to crash the best to do is to buying more, soon or later they will be closing their short positions again at new all-time highs. Have you noticed every time we issue a recommendation to buy Amazon its stock rallies at least $200 per share? It has been the case since $77, but the crook has never invested in.

Unlike the Oracles of the U.S, we do not need to deceive people, we make it happen, it has been clear since the very first, and unlike the professional crook with the title ORACLE, our response is always the same – NO LOSSES FOR TWENTY YEARS PERFECT FORECASTS. 

You can try it in stocks, gold, ETF’s, oil and the forex markets. Unlike the crook, we tell you the truth and believe me you are going to learn about it one day.

Has the ORACLE ever told you that a company as a fraud and that you could make a fortune selling short its shares? Of course not. The ORACLE business is not about telling the truth neither how to make money. The ORACLE business is to appear on TV, Forbes cover, press while playing insider games.

How to distinguish a Crook from the Real Stuff?

The crook has visions, raises doubts and uncertainty, claiming the truth known and on his side, while the professional does it in real-time.

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