Explosive Earnings Comes Back to GoDaddy and Abercrombie

Explosive Earnings Comes Back to GoDaddy and Abercrombie

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Lowest Valuations since Great Depression: I am buying more and warning you ahead of the next bull market

Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) reported the best quarter ever along with GoDaddy (GDDY) both companies claim to be on the path to a secular bull market. Are they? The fact is that Wall Street got it all wrong continuing to deceive investors worldwide.

GoDaddy management says they are the world leader. We believed so much in GoDaddy that we were kind enough helping the small investor to make a fortune instead of being deceived by corrupt analysts. Very pleased with GoDaddy CEO honesty. GoDaddy is not SnapCrap


GoDaddy share price soared to new all-time highs on the news crossing the $50 sound barrier, while Abercrombie & Fitch zoomed to $17 on the news of stellar earnings, the best in the past two decades.

Explosive Growth Stocks: AI Fund Invest in Abercrombie Calling Explosive UAE Growth

Learn about the Artificially Intelligent Investor investing in Abercrombie (ANF) at $8.87 after profiting from a meltdown on shares announced in the Live Blog. Abercrombie is an investment plan worth $20 million dollars.

Before upgrading Abercrombie to Strong Buy, the algorithm upgraded shares to neutral making the live announcement on the Blog. Our research team downgraded Abercrombie to Strong Sell for the first time at $77 publishing at that time long-term forecasts available on the web.

Investors pay us to conduct a solid unbiased research. Our forecasts have yet to fail. We also invest heavily cultivating a good relationship with insiders. On the Blog it was announced when to sell short Abercrombie as well as when to buy shares closing the long-term short position.


GoDaddy Share Price to Soar: Autonomous Trading Invest in GoDaddy IPO Strong Buy

Although both companies carry P/E multiples near four digits this is the new norm in the United States where Tesla P/E 10,000

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