Alex Vieira AI Fund Sells ROKU Downgrading to Sell

Alex Vieira AI Fund Sells ROKU Downgrading to Sell

We’re very concerned with the valuation of some companies in the U.S stock market. They’re going to crash and we are warning investors in real-time unlike Wall Street crooks rasing stock prices to exuberant levels. Do not ever trust an American crook, or the end result is bankruptcy. Our algorithm is based on Einstein principles – 100% accuracy regardless of market conditions.

The company upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy at $19. With American retail investors buying shares at $48 savvy professional investors are unloading on the idiots.

Learn more how two brothers made $47 million dollars investing in the markets using Einstein principles. 

After reading Hartman’s review about the service I wanted to share my own experience. I joined less than three months ago.  In this short period of time, my account soared $850,000. I’ve been making $20,000-50,000 daily trading Tesla using his AI trade alerts this month.

Mohammed, November 14th, 2017

Listen to the world’s best trader on live coaching explaining the stupidity of not selling short Hertz, an American company without any fundamentals.

If you invest in my own portfolio you will never lose money in your life. I have not had a single loss for more than two decades. 


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