How Two Brothers Made $47 Million Dollars Investing in BitCoin and Stocks

How Two Brothers Made $47 Million Dollars Investing in BitCoin and Stocks

During the past thirty years in the market, I collected thousands of testimonials and reviews, some of them available on the web. To my own subscribers, during market hours, almost daily, I continue telling them stories of success and unsuccess in my career since the experience of others can help existing ones.

Most of these stories are not public.  I don’t have the time to interview all of them, and today unlike before I rarely show up online, nevertheless I continue offering real-time guidance to investors for free daily as here.

The following testimonial is far from the complete one. These two brothers invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Recently, I had the pleasure of making my appearance taking profits in BitCoin at $7588, the rest of my position was sold at $7800. I have been short since then.

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I have a small brother living in Miami. I am living in Ibiza. My brother is used to invest in the stock market. I am not. When I visited him last summer he told me the most amazing story of my life. He had made more than $2.5 million dollars investing in stocks and BitCoin using the tips of a person I had never heard before on the media, Alex Vieira. For you to have an idea what we are talking about here, my brother was used to lose money in the markets all the time. Right before my eyes, my brother’s bank statements confirmed the story. During that summer, I and my wife made the decision of creating a company together with my brother with the sole purpose of investing. One year later he moved to Ibiza. Now, I am going to tell you this (sorry the capital letters). I have never seen anything like this in my whole life. I swear before my mothers’ grave this person knows the future. I know it may sound absurd to a common immortal, but what I have seen before my eyes day after day happening is something that it changes you. While it is exciting for all of us subscribers to this marvelous service, it is also frightening how one person can have so much power. I have never seen any loss, uncanny forecasts, a remarkable immaculate record demonstrating an accuracy that is beyond the belief of a common immortal.

Hartman, November 11th 2017

These two brothers invested in companies like Nvidia, Valeant, Priceline, Intuitive Surgical, Tesla, Amazon, Take-Two Interactive, Salesforce, Netflix, Nintendo, Hertz, and others. Investors may find in our Blog information about all these opportunities.

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BitCoin has plunged almost $2000 since my most recent complimentary live trade alert. I have been explaining the investment process for years to those interested in cryptocurrencies unlike individuals as Warren Buffett who made the most absurd claims about the future of BitCoin.

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