Artificially Intelligent Investors Buy Netflix Raising Price Target

Artificially Intelligent Investors Buy Netflix Raising Price Target

Netflix second blowout quarter is coming and investors are feeling excited about the supreme return on investment. Netflix long-term investors have been awesomely rewarded for following the real-time guidance of our artificially intelligent algorithm.

Ahead of Earnings: Netflix and Ferrari to announce blowout quarters.

The fact that Netflix is raising prices is considered a wise management strategic towards fat record profitability. Our company practices the same pricing structure as Netflix offering low prices to a vast amount of investors worldwide. On the other hand, companies as Apple practice an unfair pricing structure based on lofty prices versus competitive advantages. Our strategic investment decision has been made a long time ago – we remain long-term investors in Netflix, while Apple is seen a good investment for retarded slow performance investors. 

Wall Street analysts continue failing to comprehend Netflix value. They’ re retarded and stupid. On the other hand, we have been doing our job throughout the years educating savvy investors for the best investment opportunities in the markets as Netflix, Intuitive Surgical, Nvidia, and Amazon. Apple is not in the list.


INSIDER NEWS: Greatest Investment Lessons in Modern History Investing in Netflix

How much is Netflix really worth for Apple? We have the answer to investors questions

In one of the greatest investment lessons in modern history, Vieira explains Netflix Strong Buy rating and Netflix price target. Listen to Nostradamus whose return on investment surpassed 6000% several months ago. 

NEWS: Invest in Netflix Strong Buy with the world’s best trader

Vieira urges investors to neglect scammers on CNBC including stock gurus,  fake Nobel laureates and corrupt investment firms as Goldman Sachs and Cowen Research.  They’ve been deceiving investors for years involved in scandals and corruption at the higher instances.

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