Wall Street Chooses Investment Advisor Star of the Decade

One of the most Wall Street critics won the title of best investment advisor ever by unanimous vote. He has more customers in Wall Street than Wall Street itself, the highest number of billionaires as well as small investors. Ladies and gentlemen, by 100% winning votes, the investment advisor star of the decade.

I am talking about the man who forecasted Ferrari as a far better investment than Tesla. The man who has believed more in the U.S economy than any other American. The market legend who introduced to the investment world companies as Netflix, Priceline, Nvidia, Equinix, Intuitive Surgical, Alibaba and Amazon.

I am talking about the legend quadrupling subscribers in just five months offering them the highest return on investment in markets history. Yes, the one and only one offering cash in advance to Under Armour (UA) short sellers, the living nightmare haunting Chesapeake EnergyFossil Group, Foot Locker, GoPro, Restoration Hardware, FitBit, Sears, Abercrombie, Transocean and Chipotle investors.

This true market legend burdened the largest amount of short sellers ever concentrated in companies as Tesla (TSLA), Alibaba (BABA), Kite Pharma (KITE) or Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX).

The investment Advisor Star of the Decade solves all your problems in less than two minutes, always guaranteeing the best results and astonishing prizes 

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