Netflix Investors Celebrate Their Best Year Since IPO More Than 6000% Return on Investment

Unlike what most people think the markets are not rigged. For long term investors they represent a lifetime investment opportunity as Warren Buffet has advocated for decades.

Individuals and corporations have to invest in hidden gems before the crowd steps in sending our portfolio to new all time highs! Our work is to identify these long term investment opportunities when the crowd is bearish dumping at new all time lows. Today, it is with great pleasure that we’re celebrating new all time highs in our entire portfolio – the world’s best stock market performers addressed in our website for years.

When others remained bearish the markets deceiving investors publishing nonsense on the media, we were there reiterating Strong Buy ratings raising multi year targets laughing at these pundits, truth to be said marketers selling oily scams on national TV networks.

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As an investor in Netflix find in the Live blog the long term investment process in Netflix including upgrades, downgrades, live earnings calls, price targets and stock ratings. It constitutes undeniable evidence o our true leadership. Thank you for being a loyal investor in Netflix following our strong leadership. We also have to appreciate the great value of Netflix team as a company helping long term investors to succeed. Without them this would have not been possible. Finally, disregard Netflix bears, they have been proven wrong for more than a decade – they are all bankrupt. As Vieira said many years ago, Netflix equals Apple when Steve Jobs entered the company.

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Is Netflix expensive to you? What about Amazon? Learn what the world’s best investors have been doing while you have frozen by listening to the advice of incompetents and corrupt sources on the media.

NEWS: Amazon Stock is Expensive But I’m Buying

The truth can be seen live on the tape. Netflix market cap has almost doubled since our most recent reiteration to Strong Buy at a price of $80 coincident with Netflix insiders buying shares, while Amazon rallied to new all time highs in 2017 as of today $890!

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