Legendary Investor Makes 6000% Profit Investing in Netflix long term Outlook

Legendary Investor Makes 6000% Profit Investing in Netflix long term outlook. Vieira Rates Netflix $NFLX STRONG BUY Outlook 2017.

After calling a top in Netflix (NFLX) in 2016 with 100% accuracy at a price of $129.2 selling short FANG stocks, Netflix and Apple investors saw shares of both companies plunging within a couple of weeks. Apple lost more than 50 billion dollars in market cap, while Netflix share price was severely impacted seeing shares declining to $110 during the same period of time.

However, as stated in this article available to our dear clients, professional investors and hedge funds, in our most popular service – live markets platinum, they also were informed that in both cases such sudden sell off to materialise would constitute a buying opportunity, in particular in Netflix.

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Hence, Vieira upgraded Netflix from Sell to Strong Buy betting that not only Netflix (NFLX) would likely reach new highs as started in the same article as well as the broader market would rally – S&P, Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA) and ETF PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) – to new highs.

Vieira’s article also included Netflix price target for his outlook 2017 continuing guiding investors in a long term investment process which started back a few years ago when he upgraded Netflix to Strong Buy at $5.85 naming it the single best long term investment opportunity worldwide.

Having said this, our team and dear clients have been managing their portfolios accordingly to investment strategies and principles available since then – ahead of the most important moves in the stock market.

The truth is that Vieira’s Netflix stock outlook and uncanny prediction constitutes undeniable evidence who’s the greatest investor ever being comparable in value to his most recent Live Apple Earnings Call. Netflix investors have made more than 6000% in the past years at stock market LIVE.TV surpassing the return of long term investments in other companies addressed in the service as Facebook, Apple, Intuitive Surgical, Nvidia, Sodastream, Priceline and Google.

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While American Hedge Funds as Carl Icahn decided to quit investing in Netflix long term making their bets in poor business models as Herbalife, we adopted a rather different investment strategy selling short Herbalife, buying Netflix.

Obviously, we’re very pleased with the results since Herbalife shares tanked while Netflix zoomed to new all time highs. Once again Carl Icahn lost the battle and the war, thanks to Sun Tzu my truly master.


Vieira is famous for predicting the crash of global leading companies no one would ever believed to be remotely possible, upgrading to Strong Buy when Wall Street is downgrading en masse at new all time lows ahead of the next bull market.

I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit – hopefully you can find in my portfolio and ideas added value.  

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