One Year FREE SMS Live Trading

One Year FREE SMS Live Trading for active traders who have subscribed to our live technical analysis course 2017 until the end of 2016.

stock market LIVE.TV offer to its subscribers is valued at $40,000 with the approval of our CEO – more than 3x times the price of the course!

SMS Trade Alerts for investors worldwide directly from the best traders in the world. Stop losing money in the markets! Get real time SMS trade alerts on your mobile device. It’s ideal for day trading, short term trading and long term investment as well. The perfect live trading program for advanced part time and full time traders.

Get access to trade alerts and real time market’s guidance, what’s hot for the day, Forex markets on EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs.

DEMO: My Live Trading Makes TV Headlines worldwide: 3000% in two hours!

Our company CEO repeats the offer made available to the first subscribers to his Trading Course 2014 teaching one how to invest in the markets discussing GoPro stock since IPO

Subscribers to Live Technical Analysis 2017 currently have access to fourteen lessons – more to come – including stock picks, live market calls, live charts, instructions to invest in widely popular global leading companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE as Tesla!

Quizzes have been added to the program helping learners to focus on what really matters. Furthermore, this program also includes interactivity – some examples below

  • As an investor you have to create your own stock chart submitting your work to our team which will then respond to your queries. You can add video as well.
  • Live webinars only available to subscribers to the program

Progress into the next lesson depends on your score. We also introduced a reward system into the program. The list of benefits will be available soon.

The objective of this offer is to help our dear clients to comprehend in real time how to define stock pivots and a trend taking advantage of it on a long term basis. I guarantee that my work in this course will be of great benefit to you on a long term basis.

Needless to say, this offer will not be repeat ever again as I had promised to the first subscribers to the trading course 2014. Thank you for your business.


NOTICE: currently the company it not accepting any further subscribers.

FACT SHEET: Do you know our company was the first in the world to offer SMS Live Trading? Vieira invented the service at a global scale.


Please visit our support portal if you have queries about how SMS live trading works

Make sure your mobile number is added to the list.  We sent an email to each trader requiring mobile email confirmation. If you have not received it yesterday please check your SPAM folder. It’s recommended to add our email addresses to your while list.

UPDATE: you probably notice that we’ve been developing a new support portal for all services and products. This project might be complete within the next couple of months.

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