Buy Undervalued Tech Stocks for Year’s End Rally

Buy Undervalued Tech Stocks for Year’s End Rally. Free live streaming trading at stock market LIVE TV. Buy Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Nvidia and ETF PowerShares QQQ after the world’s best trader predicted a sell off  going short.

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Vieira urged investors to close short positions on Apple, Netflix and ETF PowerShares QQQ reversing to the long side having in mind a powerful years’s end rally  in tech stocks.

It’s a NEW bull market where American idiots are selling stocks at bear market prices

We proved over and over during years that everyone else has been very wrong about their projections for stock market outlook. What you see today happening in the markets has been revealed to subscribers more than one year ago in one of first articles in the most basic service – live markets premium.    


NEWS: Selling Netflix long positions Live Ahead of the Sell Off

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Invest in stocks after the crash planning for the coming new bull market – you’ve been warned! Know more about the hedge fund investing in Vieira’s Tesla Secret plan worth hundreds of millions of dollars announced in the Live Blog. Since then Tesla share price zoomed to yesterday’s open price $224 a unconceivable scenario for J.P Morgan (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) which have maintained Sell ratings during a market bottom.

Our long term partnership with Vieira has proven to be the most strategic invaluable decision ever made in our company. Our performance cannot be compared to any competitor. Our net gain surpassed two billion dollars in 2016.

Oleg – meet the investor

Vieira is truly unmatched in his ability to find the way to victory. I’ve had the privilege of being shoulder-to-shoulder with him while we made money consistently, no matter how volatile the market. Through him, I’ve learned more about the real world of investing and how decisions are made in tough times than I could get from my previous thirty years experience working as a professional trader.

Aslam Kahn

Let’s report to the facts shall we?

  • Nvidia (NVDA) rallied to $119 as of yesterday on price target raised
  • Apple (AAPL) recovered a lot of lost ground to $117 since Vieira’s closed his short position buying back shares
  • Netflix (NFLX) recovered all lost ground testing the previous high
  • Tesla (TSLA) share price rallied $40 per share in less than one month forcing short sellers to buy dream houses for our clients.
  • ETF PowerShares QQQ rallied to new all time highs $121 following Vieira’s trade alert at $114.58

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