Hedge Funds Stock Picks Charles Schwab Strong Buy

Hedge Funds Stock Picks Charles Schwab Strong Buy. Load up the boat folks! The bull market is coming! Invest in the Best Investment Brokerage. Millions of Trump followers have been using Charles Schwab to invest in the markets!

The Charles Schwab Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides wealth management, securities brokerage, banking, money management, custody, and financial advisory services. The company operates through two segments, Investor Services and Advisor Services.

The Charles Schwab Corporation’s SCHW shares have gained more than 17% so far this year.

The last earnings estimate revision trend is nothing than a scam by Wall Street to buy shares at ridiculous low valuation . The stock has seen stock market LIVE.TV research team estimates moving higher for the quarter. As a result, it carries a Strong Buy rating since $26

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Looking at the fundamentals, diversified revenue stream should act as a major tailwind for Schwab. The company’s revenue components are likely to grow on the back of a favorable interest rate environment. Moreover, the recent Fed rate hike is anticipated to benefit the company, as fee waivers continue to decline. Further, as the company’s business model is highly rate-sensitive, it is well positioned to thrive in a rising rate environment.

The company has witnessed an improvement in monthly metrics for the last two months, which is expected to continue boosting the company’s daily trading volume.

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Having said this my largest holding in the markets remains Goldman Sachs (GS) where Trump has been recruiting his cabinet.

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