Goldman Sachs Best Financial Stock to Invest in

Goldman Sachs Best Financial Stock to Invest in. Why investors mush have Goldman Sachs in their portfolios. Listen to the comments on Twitter.

Herein it is discussed the stock outlook for Goldman Sachs going into 2017.

Firstly, Goldman Sachs (GS) has been my long term priority in the financial sector. Every time the stock plunges it i automatically upgraded.

Our best case scenario for Goldman Sachs (GS) goes as high as $245

I decided to upgrade Goldman Sachs upside from $172 to $245 since I do not visualize a crash or pull back on shares. Also, it was recommended to buy ETF FAS (banking sector) along the process.

You may remain invested in Goldman Sachs going forward.

NEWS: Vieira upgrades Goldman Sachs

I even “joked” on Twitter that Trump main bank account is at Goldman Sachs just to illustrate how good it has been to buy shares!


Other financial stocks to invest in: American Express (AXP) upside $77

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