World’s Largest Investor Selling Live $1 Billion Stock Downgrading Twitter

World’s Largest Investor Selling Live $1 Billion Stock Downgrading Twitter. Get out of the markets a storm is coming and you must be prepared for it. According to the greatest trader of all time, the central banks want everyone in forcing investors to believe we’re living in a perfect world, in a perfect market, that nothing can go wrong, without any rules, where everything is allowed even the most obscene cases of fraud as the recent one involving Wells Fargo.

The central banks all together will not be able to change the course of history.

The level of fraud and speculation in the markets has reached unprecedented levels. Nowadays, CEO’s of companies invest more time defrauding and deceiving clients using all sort of fraudulent and predatory practices rather than focusing on their business telling the truth. It’s the end of capitalism as we know it. Government and the FED wasted seven long years doing nothing for the real economy, for the average citizen. On the contrary, together they created the highest level of debt ever in history with the acceptance of everyone else.

The truth is that central banks policies have been destroying capitalism giving place to a complete different reality obscure to most market participants. Central banks have invested heavily on human stupidity selling them the idea that greed is good, and that whatever it takes is synonymous with no risk.

The new Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve is probably the most dangerous individual in the world. Never seen anything like this in my entire career. She has no rules, coherency, a complete nonsense even for a mentally disabled person trying to figure out what’s the next step in this lunatic mind.


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Twitter shares crashed 25% overnight for the pleasure of professional investors all the way down to $19.8

We roasted all pigs in less than 24 hours. Do you still have questions on how to invest in the market? I dedicate this lesson to the American Bobby Fisher and to the Russian Grigori Perelman.


People get used to believe in stories, corporations, politics, miracles. They easily forget history when the major role of the society is to make them believing in something different.

The most intelligent individuals in the world have figured out how to capitalize on the stupidity of the masses. It’s a perpetual money machine. I had the pleasure of explaining this to investors giving the remarkable example of Elon Musk.


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stockmarketLIVE.TV downgraded Twitter shares at $25.15 from a former Strong Buy rating pulling the carpet to thousands of naive investors who believe they were going to get rich by speculating on a buyout.

The stock market should be used only by professionals, it happens that more than 99% of market participants are either ignorant or naturally born stupid. Therefore, professionals have before their eyes the perfect market, the perfect storm – KILL THEM ALL!

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