Legendary Investor Crushes Gold and Gold Stocks Selling

Legendary Investor Crushes Gold and Gold Stocks Selling at a Market Top – complimentary live market calls worth billions of dollars shared with investors worldwide.

One day an investor asked my opinion about Mohamed El-Erian a commentator on CNBC making a huge salary working for an insurance company. Never seen him making a live call or an outstanding forecast proven to be worth one month of his salary. Have you?

The truth is that Mohamed El-Erian, is just one more spectator in the markets, as most market participants. As any investor he has an opinion conjuring about the capital markets, but he does not have any influence on any financial instrument, i.e. no one really cares.


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Gold tumbled below $1,300 on Tuesday.

The shiny metal is down by 3.1%, to $1,271.85 an ounce as of 3:18 p.m. ET — the weakest level since June 23, the day of the Brexit vote.

The answer is pretty simple: Vieira is the global leading source of information with regards to successful investment. None of the largest investors in the world assume positions against him. The destiny is most likely poverty – ask Bill Ackman, an American mentally disabled individual today occupied with visits to a shrimp.

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Vieira Selling Gold Stocks Live at the Very Top

Gold is considered a traditional risk-off, “end of the world” trade and is often bought up aggressively by investors in times of stress.

In other news, markets are seeing the likelihood of a November rate hike at 21.4%, and around 61.2% for a hike by the end of the year.

Shares of mining stocks slumped more than 9 percent on Tuesday after gold took a hit and slid to its lowest levels since the Brexit vote.

One of America’s largest mining companies, Colorado-basedNewmont Mining (NEM), shed about 10 percent to close at $34.25 a share, its lowest since the June 23 Brexit vote. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), a popular gold ETF, also suffered a more than 3 percent loss, another record low since the Brexit vote.

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