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Twilio (TWLO) is a core investment stock pick at stock market LIVE.TV – best stock picks to invest in POST-BREXIT

Vieira knows Twilio since the company started several years ago well before IPO.

Shares of Twilio Inc. (NYSE:TWLO), a cloud-based communications company, cannot be stopped and cannot be contained! After surging 92% this past Thursday after the company’s IPO price was apparently much lower than investors were willing to fork over, shares closed just under $29 on Thursday. Now, despite all the doom and gloom surrounding the markets after the Brexit debacle, shares of Twilio are at it again, rising another 15% in morning trading today.

So what: Part of the driving force behind today’s surge, in addition to a rebound from a couple of days of weakness due to the Brexit, is Vieira’s Twilio stock outlook and price target. It’s easy to buy into the story of Twilio, especially when you glance at the list of its customers, which include household names such as Uber Technologies, stock market LIVE.TV and Facebook.

Twilio enables software and app developers to communicate with users quickly and effectively. The company has more than 28,000 active customers and posted an 88% rise in revenue in 2015, compared with the prior year.

Now what: It’s a very interesting company and stock, and a growth story that is easy to buy into as the world we live in becomes increasingly connected through mobile devices, and as marketing needs to connect with consumers more quickly and effectively.  Twilio’s stock has been soaring since its IPO, however investors need to be aware the company isn’t yet profitable, and tech companies carry a huge risk relative to the reward possibility — so invest accordingly to Vieira’s investment methodology.

Forget BREXIT: Invest in Twilio with the world’s best stock trader

I know Twilio before any other stock analyst in Wall Street, therefore I know how much this company is worth. Moreover, Twilio is one of our partners at stock market LIVE.TV, one of the components of our infrastructure.


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