European Referendum Live Trading GBPUSD Ahead of the Crash

European Referendum Live Trading GBPUSD Ahead of the Crash. It was a truly historical night for investors and traders worldwide in the Forex and futures markets. Live trading GBPUSD, BitCoin, EURUSD and the Nikkei 225.

Ahead of the referendum, I thought Remain was going to win, the British Pound rallied strongly to 1.5, a price above my target 1.495, disclosed ahead of the results, and our final opportunity to bailout.

Ahead of the referendum, we wrote several articles discussing in detail how investors would make millions of dollars trading GBPUSD – you must read this one – it is unique worldwide telling everything you needed. I used it myself ahead of the referendum as as results were coming out!

NEWS: BREXIT Best and Worst Case Scenario for British Pound – everything happened as I said it.

The rest of the story you had it live with us on Twitter, selling short GBPUSD at 1.485, closing it and buying it back at 1.4055 to sell then at 1.4522, and from this point short large blocks down to 1.366 as the chart exhibits. Therefore, my real first entry short the British Pound GBPUSD ended up to be 1.485 after closing the long at 1.5

During this period of time we were able to post several live Forex market charts on, although the volatility was exceptional.

I ended up with a quadruple short position on EURUSD, managing to put everything in USD overnight! Truly historical saving and making a lot of money. Thereafter, as Asian markets opened, we saw the Nikkei, initially up, reversing going down 1200 points – no surprise here.

NEWS: Vieira predicts Nikkei crash in 2015 to occur in 2016, selling long term positions, going short Nikkei futures

Right now, I am quite tired as we have not had any rest for a long time, we continue issuing trade alerts live in the Forex market 

I am not going to comment on the consequences of the European Referendum results – I am not a pundit – everyone else is, and they will comment on it. In my opinion one thing is certain, get ready – none of these pundits has any idea about the consequences of yesterday’s results in Great Britain.

What else did we do here preparing for this crash scenario sharing the most profitable investment strategies with you?

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We also recommended to have a large bearish bet on Nikkei 225 as well as on overvalued stocks on the exchange, for example Tesla Motors – CRASH COMING

The majority of individuals and companies offering advise are either incompetent, fraudulent, lack talent, charge unbelievable fees and no track record. In the past 27 years, I’ve never been involved in a scandal, no one has ever accused me of lack of talent, complained about fees, and much less lousy performance. The reason is that I am the only one proving it live on the tape therefore before evidence, no one can make wrong claims. 


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In the past few hours, GBPUSD managed to recover some lost ground to the vicinity of 1.4, a price above my exit short, which is terrific news for everyone here.

Watch is coming folks! Stay tuned for months ahead. Good luck and great thank you to everyone for their commitment following us live.


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