Vieira Forces Carl Icahn to Junk Selling Freeport McMoran Making 430%

Vieira Forces Carl Icahn to Junk Selling Freeport McMoran Making 430%. Vieira, who called an ultimate bottom on Freeport McMoran (FCX) at $3.69 buying 5 million shares, urged investors to sell their positions at $14 unloading on Carl Icahn, who he sees having big issues ahead, after predicting in 2015, the American investor to fall into junk rating – an undeniable mathematical fact.

Standard & Poor’s has cut the investment firm controlled by billionaire Carl Icahn to junk status. Icahn Enterprises, or IEP, which handles Icahn’s money, saw its unsecured debt rating fall to “BB+” from “BBB-.”

Mr. Vieira, an expert on Standard & Poor’s ratings defined an investment strategy to rush Standard & Poor’s decision on downgrading Carl Icahn to JUNK status.

In this investment plan, Vieira urged investors to dump Carl Icahn main holdings Chesapeake Energy (CHK) as well as Freeport McMoran (FCX), acquiring massive short positions.

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Vieira argues the Federal Reserve is creating artificial prices in the markets, therefore he recommends massive short positions before things they take the wrong path for Americans. Today, there’s no middle class in the United States, the rich are getting rich thanks to Wall Street crooks.

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I strongly recommend that investors in the markets remain rather cautious. We’re before the highest level of fraud in markets history. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to address this matter in due time helping savvy investors to make the most profits in the past decades.


He is referring to Wall Street Ponzi schemes on highly corrupt American companies as Twitter and Sears Holdings – the NEW Bernie Madoff.

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Do not Listen to Carl Icahn, an investor who has tremendous losses in the markets followed by thousands of American idiots on Twitter.

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The majority of individuals and companies offering advise are either incompetent, fraudulent, lack talent, charge unbelievable fees and no track record. In the past 25 years, I’ve never been involved in a scandal, no one has ever accused me of lack of talent, complained about fees, and much less lousy performance. The reason is that I am the only one proving it live on the tape therefore before evidence, no one can make wrong claims.

Vieira’s service is honestly a blessing and arrived at the right time in my life. There is so much information in here that it’s amazing. Plus you get to see how Vieira successfully uses his methodology while trading. These aren’t textbook or theories, but the very best offering real world actionable knowledge. Let me tell you that I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I bet you’ve not either. His market calls are unbelievable, it lets you speechless. He goes live, stocks turn around just like that! Watch his live calls on Apple, Sears, Freeport-McMoran, Chesapeake, SolarCity, Valeant, Tesla, Under Armour, Caterpillar, QQQ, and SPX – it’s truly amazing. I could not ever imagined what he does LIVE is humanly possible. The fact Vieira compressed so much information and quality into the program is tremendous and impressive. It will be content that you’re going to use as a serious investor in years ahead. This program is really affordable! It is really worth the most valuable thing you own – time. I hope future students gain as much as I have from this program. I also hope they keep learning and growing. There is always more to do and learn every day. His site is an awesome starting place – take it from someone who has invested the full time in this program. Vieira responds to incompetents and charlatans live on the tape. I respond with my account $1.23 million within 23 days, 10 stars.

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