Best Potential Buyout Stocks in the Markets

Best Potential Buyout Stocks in the Markets. Vieira discusses a New Buyout Opportunity in the tech Sector. He has been behind most of the buyout candidates in the past couple of years. Companies as Altera Corporation (ALTR), Youhu (YOKU) and the recent one DreamWorks Animation (DWA). This article introduces one strong possibility which might be interesting to investors going forward.

Everybody still remembers the famous market call on Altera Corporation, addressed at stock market LIVE.TV. None of Wall Street analysts believed in the buyout downgrading shares to sell, including infamous Jim Cramer on an absurd CNBC shown to illiterate Americans.

NEWS: How to Profit from Altera Corporation Buyout

Our research team believes there is a new buyout stock opportunity in the markets right now! We already assumed a position on shares as well as most clients. Even in the case the buyout does not materialize, this is a long term investment opportunity in our opinion – the lower share price goes the more we are willing to buy!

Do you wish other example of a buyout, no one believed in except our research team?

The case of Youku, the YouTube of China, acquired by Alibaba (BABA). The truth is Wall Street stock analysts slapped Youku with a Sell rating at a bottom ahead of one of the best stock rallies in the past years!

Vieira discussed Youku, Twitter and Altera, tremendous investment opportunities step by step on several articles on the Blog helping small investors to participate on Youku buyout by posting it on Vimeo.

NEWS: Vieira reveals the truth about Twitter Ponzi scheme, while proving analysts totally wrong about Youku and Altera

The most recent case is given by DreamWorks Animation, acquired by Comcast. Again, stock analysts deceived investors ahead of the buyout by issuing Sell ratings, advertising it on the media. A clear example of incompetence and fraud in Wall Street. On the other hand, Vieira had a Strong Buy rating giving up only at $40 – see on the video below Vieira selling finally DreamWorks Animation at $40

No stock analyst predicted the potential behind DreamWorks Animation buyout except us announcing it on the Blog of the company as a free stock pick. On the contrary, Wall Street analysts remained skeptical and therefore they missed it. It reminds us several cases addressed also here on the Blog in the past few years. This proves that stock analysts have no clue what’s going on in the markets. Their job is to get a salary by the end of the month paid by tax payers.


How do you acquire this investment plan – NEW potential buyout? 

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