Sell Valeant on Pershing Square Redemptions

Sell Valeant on Pershing Square Redemptions. Vieira Urges Investors to Dump. The biotech stock bubble is still alive! Sell everything ahead of the collapse. Vieira quadrupled short positions on biotech stocks.

stock market lIVE.TV has no doubts – sell Valeant, investors will be able to buy back Valeant at much lower prices. We urged investors to dump Valeant downgrading to Sell, the collapse is imminent.

As a result of a careful investigation Vieira sees the Valeant, new CEO Joseph Papa, as a dangerous unknown variable.

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Moreover, Valeant (VRX) debt has gone wild in the past week, it is now seen as humungous!

Add to the fire Pershing Square coming redemptions, and it is impossible to predict where Valeant’s share price bottom is.

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It’s a terrible week for gambler Bill Ackman, Valeant share price collapsed 11% on this Friday, while Herbalife (HLF) share price rallied 10% after earnings beat.

Anyone left investing in Pershing Square is fully responsible for the outcome. While their employees received millions of dollars in salaries, investors are paying them. It’s appears to be a sort of sophisticated Madoff’s strategy.


In a letter to investors in March, Ackman said the Mondelez sale was for “rebalancing,” as the position grew outsized, compared to other holdings, like that of Valeant, which have dropped in value. That sparked wild speculation about whether Ackman might have gotten a margin call, or something else.

We’ve no doubts big issues are coming to Pershing Square investors.

In 2015 Vieira downgraded Valeant to junk, the only investor in the world predicting Valeant total collapse!

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In our Blog investors find in one of my most recent articles a warning message with regards to Valeant. Today shares plunged 11% as a result of careful planning. We’ve the best Live Blog for investors in the industry!

Vieira is truly unmatched in his ability to find the way to victory. I’ve had the privilege of being shoulder-to-shoulder with him while we made money consistently, no matter how volatile the market. Through him, I’ve learned more about the real world of investing and how decisions are made in tough times than I could get from my previous thirty years experience working as a professional trader.

Aslam Kahn


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