Bear Market is Over. Time to Invest in

Bear Market is Over. Time to Invest in. In the past weeks we have been buying shares of more than fifty leading companies in the U.S. stock market, while covering our short positions ahead of the big rally.

I shall say that I still maintain plenty of short positions since I may also say there will not be a new bull market. While in the past I recommended 100% short positions for the crash, today I recommend a mixed portfolio constituted of short and long positions.


Herein, it was discussed the case of Apple upgrading the stock at $93.4, but there are by far better opportunities than Apple. Good examples of investment opportunities exist on stocks with Strong Buy ratings.

In the Blog of the company investors find several FREE stock picks of high priority. These are the best stock market performers at the moment. Companies no one wanted to invest in as Freeport-McMoRan (FCX), or WYNN Resorts (WYNN).

In the past I discussed the case of Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) – after the crash shares of a stock can rally 100 to 300% on short covering! Today you have it live on Freeport-McMoRan already trading above $9, but that I already knew was going to happen as well as you!

Having said this, I repeat that we have been announcing investment opportunities in multiple sectors of the economy, tech stocks, refining stocks, oil stocks, services, e-commerce, Forex, China and US market.

The fact the bear market is likely over for awhile, it does not necessarily mean that we are going to have a new bull market. Our investment strategies point to bear market rallies and stocks moving sideways for awhile, hence a bear market is not really over!

There are still important variables which are not priced in the markets today, i.e. case for resuming of a bear market

  • US elections resulting in political uncertainty;
  • No political leadership;
  • Oil volatility;
  • Interest rates;
  • Low growth rate;
  • Companies buy back share programs at bubble prices;
  • Misleading earnings reports (FRAUD);
  • Media fraudulent stock ratings and Ads;

How to Invest in the markets for FREE?

Our short term investment strategy has been a strong stock market rally based on expectations coming from Mr. Draghi announcement on March 10, 2016

If Mr. Draghi does not open the doors to further stimulus, it might be time for some profit taking in the markets. Investors love stimulus and higher taxes for the rebels. Central banks have to follow up, or they might be cornered.

Stimulus and higher taxes is the fuel behind bull markets. When stocks rise too much on uncontrolled stimulus policies they crash.


Today, we are seeing shares of WYNN Resorts (WYNN) and Freeport-McMoran at new fresh highs, but even speculative stocks are soaring on the exchange. It’s Draghi’s time!

Bear Market is Over. Time to Invest in WYNN Resorts

The Trend is Your Friend

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