Vieira Downgrades SolarCity to Strong Sell Calling a Crash

Vieira Downgrades SolarCity to Strong Sell at $58.5 Calling a Crash. Watch the world’s best trader live selling shares at a market top ahead of a crash.

SolarCity (SCTY) was one of the best stock market performers in the last month of 2015 rallying more than 120% after Vieira upgraded shares to Strong Buy at $26, however he changed his mind selling shares on Wall Street upgrades at $58 reversing to the short side.

SolarCity became one of Vieira’s largest short positions in the U.S. stock market. Know more why SolarCity shares are crashing by watching the following video including Vieira’s live trade alert shared with subscribers at SolarCity’s top.

I am very pleased that stock analysts continue upgrading stocks at the very top helping our clients dumping at record profits ahead of a stock market crash.


Vieira’s investment strategies continue making millions of dollars in the markets. Know more why to sell First Solar (FSLR) on Goldman Sachs upgrade before shares plunged to $57 this morning!

Vieira Trading is author of the quickest way to become a billionaire investing in the markets. He informed investors that we were headed into a stock market crash , in some cases quadrupling the size of short positions forcing Americans to capitulate selling their positions to Vieira at multi year lows.

Watch the video demonstrating Vieira as the best trader in the world. He invested heavily on SolarCity stock crash

SolarCity is one of the best selling short opportunities ever in the markets. Its management is corrupt and incompetent.


World's Best Trader Live Selling SolarCity at a Market Top

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