Sell FitBit to Jim Cramer and Corrupt Wall Street Stock Analysts. Year 2016 starts with more of the same. Wall Street upgrades ahead of the crash. FitBit dominated the web on scam news before year’s end.

Today, we are discussing FitBit (FIT). Before I start refer to the most recent article on how to invest in FitBit. After Vieira closed his short position in FitBit in 2015 at $28 upgrading to neutral share price bounced to $35, but Vieira Trading did not upgrade FitBit shares to Buy.

On the contrary he remained bearish. Speculators driven by consecutive stock analysts upgrades have been trying to call a bottom in a stock that every week appears to be more similar to GoPro (GPRO).

FitBit was on the news last week on CNBC and Jim Cramer’s show as a must buy. Wall Street stock analysts rushed to further upgrades for a simple reason: they have been accumulating heavy losses since 2015.

The team at stock market LIVE.TV has no interest in buying shares of this company unless they collapse eventually to $20.7. Why would I speculate in a company as FitBit (FIT) when everyone knows what did happen to companies as Fossil (FOSL) or GoPro (GPRO)?

If you purchased shares of this troubled company the team wishes good luck. Make sure you use tight stop losses as shares today are down 16%. LOL!

I am short Apple as you are aware and I prefer one thousand times to buy Apple than FitBit. No mercy for gamblers.



Instead of gambling in Fitbit, investors should have followed our instructions investing in FIVE